Rythmic Movement is one of the most relaxing, healing, balancing modes of exercise we can participate in. Riding a horse is an excellent example of rythmic movement, and is used beneficially for accelerating recuperation from brain injury. Equestrian Therapy is a wonderful means to helping people heal.

In the practical world, most people do not have access to a horse for any length of time if at all. Fortunately, nature has equipped us with our own built in exercise equipment in the form of our legs and arms. Cross linked rythmic movement performed when walking briskly swinging the arms in cross tandem with the legs is the best most exhilarating form of rythmic movement we can do: no special equipment required, except a good pair of walking shoes.

Regular walking encourages healing in the body in every organ system. The benefits are universal in stimulating optimum functioning in the body. Building bone and muscle mass, speeding metabolism, supporting elimination, soothing the digestion, releasing endorphins for pain management resulting in over all well being and better sleep are just some of the immediate benefits of walking. The most obvious benefit and the benefit of most interest is of course weight loss.

Endocrine functioning improves in both genders with regular walking. Improved endocrine functioning means better gender related health, less PMS or menopausal symptoms in women and more available focused energy in men. Mood is improved in both genders. Better mood means better behavior and more amorous opportunities. The bottom line is, if you feel good you are more likely to share that good mood with your partner. Sharing means a higher possibility of mutually enjoyable sexual experiences. A win-win opportunity for all!

Start a walking habit today. No more excuses. Walk around the block several times, walk in the climate controlled mall, invite a friend, make it a social occasion, but start now, today. How long should your walk be? At least twenty minutes to start and work to an hour of a brisk paced walk every day. You will probably be walking four miles a day by then, be slim, relaxed, smiling, and very well indeed.

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Dr. Stevens researches and writes about health and healing, always looking for simple natural ways to improve healthy living. Before sharing any information, Dr. Stevens focuses on application. Health and longevity are areas of interest as are ways to maintain health without chemicals or anything invasive.