When you say the word ‘mirror’ most people immediately vision a reflective surface upon which they can see their image, those mirrors can come in different shapes and with different ornaments around them.

What many of us fail to appreciate are the walking mirrors in our lives: our family, friends, co-workers and strangers.

Just as we go through a metamorphism with our physical image so does this transformation take place with our persona image. Even our self-image tends to be off by some degree from our own or others reality. We may imagine ourselves to be outgoing, shy, smart, caring etc.

It is not easy to accept what we see being reflected back to us, it is much easier to see what we expect to see and overlook that which we don’t like. It’s just human nature.

Our greatest teachers are those around us that push our buttons; they serve as mirrors and teach us what we need to work on the most. Seeing what we don’t like in others allows us to reflect deep within ourselves to find those same
qualities within ourselves and move towards change.

Have you ever had that inner comment when you observe someone that irritates you: “what a jerk”. Why would it bother you? Perhaps because others allow us to see our short comings even more clearly.

Our inner circle of family, friends and co-workers are the best mirrors, we can’t just pick them up and throw them on the wall as to shatter them. Avoiding the mirrors in your life won’t make things any better for you there is usually a bigger mirror waiting around the bend, giving you another opportunity to take inventory of yourself.

Looking at our walking mirrors and embracing the opportunity for self-growth we take baby steps towards healing our inner self, and as we transform within so do our mirrors. People come and go from our lives giving us an opportunity to glimpse at our own transformation.

Author's Bio: 

My mission at this time of my life …is to to continue growing and hopefully touch people’s lives in a positive way.

Background in Law Enforcement, Mortgages, Team Building/Mentoring. Member of Oviedo-Winter Springs Chamber of Commerce, Co-Editor of Oviedovillager.com