Students of personal growth and development know that change is greatly affected by their ability to take command of and alter their thinking. This concept of changing your thinking to change you life was brought to the limelight with the movie, "The Secret" and it's description of the Law of Attraction. Many people working to change their thinking in order to see a new and different life experience have found it to be a little more difficult that what has been conveyed. Essentially the movie is just a basic introduction on the Law of Attraction and not a broad description or a complete guide to self improvement.

After seeing the movie and following some of the information taught regarding The Law of Attraction, it's easy to come to the conclusion that all one needs to do is alter some of their thinking in order to see grand changes in their life. And in general, yes, you change your life by changing your thinking. The management of your thinking is of vital importance in the process of change, but it may not be enough. When you are working with how you think and feel day to day you are generally dealing with your conscious thought. There is an other aspect of thought that most people must address in order to make real changes in their life experience, your powerful unconscious thought.

For most, the single most critical issue that must be addressed is their unconscious beliefs. You have powerful unconscious beliefs that are regulating how you think, feel and act day in and day out, and you are probably not even aware of them. They have long become an integral part of your automatic operating system, getting established usually without your conscious knowledge. These deep seated beliefs are how you have unknowingly decided how you will perceive everything, thus dictate your thinking, feelings and actions. These beliefs determine what you are able to do in all areas of your life. They are essentially the way you have decided how the world works and your role within all the various aspects of life.

You may be aware of some of your beliefs at this point but not likely all of them. Now, sometimes people try to ignore these beliefs even when they have an idea they exist. Some will try to override them with their affirmations and positive thinking, but it doesn't usually work. I'm not bashing affirmations and positive thinking, they both play an important part in working with your thinking and feelings, but they along can't trump the power of a highly validated belief.

The one belief that puts the breaks on most growth and change is the one that governs how you see your ability to change. Any difficulties you may have had with realizing change are likely linked to this belief. Your beliefs are firmly embedded into your automatic operating system, so that all of your thought is first filtered through these established beliefs. And don't even think you can bypass or fool them!

These strong beliefs began at some point as an idea which was validated with references that, in your mind at the time, proved or justified the idea. Once enough references have been collected, your mind then defends this position for you. This is not because your mind is trying to harm you, actually the opposite. Your mind is designed to automate as much as possible for you to simplify your thought processes. You can imagine the burden it would be to have to think through every muscle movement required to take a step.

Day to day these powerful beliefs are there filtering and directing your thoughts, feelings and actions. And as you automatically act in alignment with these beliefs, they are further validated, gaining a stronger and stronger position in your unconscious mind.

Whatever you do to make changes in your life just may not get any results if you have a belief that you can't or shouldn't be able to change from where you are now. Common restrictive beliefs are that you are unworthy of what you want, that you never know enough, or even that change can only be made by someone else, or by an entity such as God. If these kinds of beliefs are established in your unconscious mind they will make sure that all result producing actions conform to their definitions of you. Your are experiencing the evidence of what caused it.

Two key questions to ask yourself are:concerns to ask yourself, and you may recognize the answers by some feelings you've had without knowing exactly why you undergo had them.

* Do you believe that you have the ability to make changes in your life, to your thinking, your feelings and your actions, or is this up to something outside of you?

* Do you believe that you are worthy of the changes you want to make?

If you can with answer conviction yes to both of those questions, without reservation, then your deep beliefs already support your making changes and progressing in your life. If you are not sure or have any reservations at all, you have some limiting beliefs that need to be addressed. The answers to those questions should resonate withing you, as you will likely have felt their presence before.

Basically, your thoughts and beliefs will determine the outcome of your efforts. You can learn to watch your conscious thoughts fairly easily, but your unconscious beliefs will need to be exposed but they can be changed. Remember, your beliefs are of your creation so you can change them. Also, It's important to accept your beliefs even if you would rather they be different, don't try to ignore them, you've heard, "What you resist, persists"

If you have had difficulty getting the results you want with changing your thinking, there is a reason. It's not that there is something wrong with you or that you can't do something, it's because of your unconscious beliefs. You can actually believe anything you want, you just need to know that you can. And knowing about them is the first step to recreating them to better support the life you now want.

Your ongoing personal growth and self realization depends on a firm conviction that you can make alterations to yourself. It's wise to remember that the universe will respond to your dominate thoughts and feelings just as it does a tiny seed. The only difference between you and that seed is that you can change your thought, but the seed only has one option.

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