EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique is regarded as one of the greatest healing tools the world has ever known. Not only can anyone do it because is so simple to learn, anyone can immediately begin to show others how to do this technique without ever having to pay for expensive classes. EFT has been practically been given away for free, thanks to the creator Gary Craig. I myself have benefited immensely with EFT. However, in accordance with human nature and our evolution, we want even more from EFT.

It is possible to improve EFT? This question has been asked by everyone even the founder Gary. The question is how can we get faster results and how can we do this without tapping. If you are not familiar with EFT, it is based on tapping energy points in the body while tuning in to the problem you want to clear.
Have we reached a time when we can finally say…here is a better way, here is a faster way, here is an easier way?
Maybe, and time will be the judge.

This new way has been named the iMaster Techniques and is based around “tapping” certain key points not in the body but in the subconscious mind. Utilizing a cue word to trigger the intention for the subconscious mind to clear limiting emotions, this technique does not rely on the body´s meridian energy system to neutralize and eliminate limiting beliefs.

Instead of being centered on the idea that “all negative emotions are caused by and imbalance in the body´s energy system” like EFT is, this technique is centered on the idea that “all negative emotions are caused by a defensive response from the subconscious mind.”

Since the subconscious mind activates certain instinctive defensive reactions when a threat is perceived, the whole process focuses on eliminating the association of danger to whatever issue is being worked on.

This too is a very simple to learn technique and can be learned for free. To down load the free introductory course being offered for a limited time visit http://imastertechniques.com

Author's Bio: 

Founder of The iMaster Techniques, Author, Self Mastery Coach, Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, My current focus is on helping others achieve personal freedom. I have been passionately active in the personal development field for more than 20 years. I have a back ground in Physical Therapy, Energy Healing, Meridian Energy Therapy Techniques.