Modern life is like living in a toxic cesspool. From the chemicals in everyday personal and household products, to the preservative and additives in our foods...toxins can put a tremendous burden on our lymph system and degrade our health.

Our bodies are constantly removing toxins and waste from our cells. The lymph system is the debris first stop on its way out of the body. Its role is critical in preventing illness and it is important to the over all healing process. Some of the organs that are part of the lymphatic system are lymph nodes and lymph veins, the tonsils, adenoids, appendix and spleen. The lymph system is twice the size of our circulatory system.

Since, it is our lymph nodes that are checked when cancer is suspected it makes sense to assist them in doing their job. Normally, lymph ducts remove waste through gravity, internal massage to the valves of the lymph ducts, and muscular contraction from movement and exercise.

In Europe stimulation of the lymph flow is the fourth most commonly prescribed medical treatment. However, healthcare practitioners in America seldom consider the lymphatic system's critical role in preventing illness or its importance to the over all healing process.

We have many pieces of exercise equipment: the gazelle, hand weights, bun and thigh rocker, and cross bow...and we have had others in the past...but for me the best piece of equipment for detoxification of the lymph system is the rebounder.

We've owned our rebounder for some time now and we love it...

But just what is a rebounder?

A re-bounder is a mini-trampoline which is about 4 feet in diameter. You stand on it and gently bounce up and down. However, you can add to the intensity of the workout when and if you feel the need, for example to gain a general cardiovascular benefit or to increase endurance.

Our rebounder stays available, since we use it everyday. However, it can be folded and put away at any time.

The rebounder can be used for as little as 10 to 15 minutes at a time or several times a day. Just put on your favorite CD and bounce to 3 or 4 songs and your done...and you've given the lymphatic system a tremendous boost.

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"How old would you be if you didn't know how old you were?" - Satchel Paige

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