Normally kidney stones will pass through the body a while after they have been formed causing no serious damage to the patient but may cause mild to severe discomfort. However sometimes the stones will not remove themselves from the body easily enough or within a quick enough timescale and it is at this point that a patient is likely to come into contact with kidney stone complications.

Generally when the stone is within the kidneys it does not cause many complications aside from a little pain and discomfort. This is of course if it is of a reasonable size. If the kidney stones get so big that it starts to block the flow of urine, the patient is likely to come across problems.

Pain is normally rather severe should this happen and the pressure that the stone causes can add to this with increased risks of damage to the kidneys, infections within the area as well as bleeding.

With regards to smaller kidney stones, the complications are rather reduced but there can still be some problems especially if they are left untreated. The smaller stones have the ability to get into places that they shouldn’t, for example, the tubes that connect the bladder to the kidney.

The stones can also block the outlet of the bladder and these are prone to causing rather painful urinary tract infections and also damage to the kidneys and this is more so the case if they are left to get on with things rather than being treated.

Despite the fact that kidney stones are very painful things to have there are not normally much in the way of kidney stone complications and are considered to be rather uncommon.

Generally before the stones have a chance to cause too many problems, they will already have caused some symptoms and then been diagnosed with tests such as scans and X-Rays. That is why when the symptoms of kidney stones are felt, it is important to visit a medical professional to ensure that they are not getting bigger and if they are, to be removed on time.

As long as the kidney stones are diagnosed and treated before they get bigger, and many of them do not, then there shouldn’t be any kidney stone complications to worry about. However if they are left untreated to continue to grow and having the potential to block various vital organs, then arises a problem.

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