With today’s gas prices, many people are start to rethink their commuting jobs.
Fortunately there are ways to make money-work from home that can earn you a living while keeping your car in the garage.

Then there is the necessity of moms (or dads) who want to work from home, keep their little ones out of daycare and still make money. Work from jobs or home based businesses are definitely in higher demand the more societal lifestyles change.

So how can you make money? Work from home positions come from a variety of
fields and require different degrees of skill and education. Let’s look at some of these work from home opportunities.

  • Data Entry

  • You can make money in data entry for companies that have data you can directly enter onto your computer in their data base. You need to be able to type fast and it is relatively boring work to do but it does pay money, sometimes by the amount of data you enter.

  • Document coding for companies

  • This is a lot like data entry and can be somewhat boring if you have to do it all day long.

  • An exciting job is to be a virtual assistant.
  • You can help an executive keep track of his or her schedule, type letters, arrange travel and do all manner of personal assistant type work. All from the comfort of your home.

  • Legal transcription or medical transcription.
  • If you want to make money, work from home by doing either of these transcription jobs. This involves taking
    dictated items and transcribing them onto legal paper or medical records. Doctors, hospitals and lawyers need a transcriber to do this for them. Great typing skills
    are a huge plus for this type of work.

  • Other ways to make money:
  • Work from home jobs like customer service representatives and telemarketers require you to use your phone to either solicit business or help customers of a company by providing technical or customer service to people.

    You need to have a great deal of people skills and you need to be able to handle disgruntled customers. If this is not something you think you can do, try one of the other jobs at home available.

  • More technical ways to make money,
  • work from home jobs like being a freelance writer, editor, proof-reader or translator are available to those skilled enough to be able to write, edit and translate documents.

    A very safe and credible website to start searching if you want to make money-work from home, is at www.elance.com.

    You will need to establish some sort of trust and credibility but everybody starts somewhere.

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