The planet we live on is our only planet. And it is, perhaps, that way for a reason. There is no mistake that in our learning and understanding of this planet that we also begin to learn and understand ourselves.

But because it is our "only planet" we also fear that we may lose it. We are attached to it for our obvious survival and understand that there really isn’t any other choice for us to least at this time.

During the process of our evolving to a deeper awareness of the necessary balance the Earth must have, fear, panic, obsession, and guilt begin to sink in as we all begin to gain the awareness that our Earth is also a living being. These emotions come in because we, as the stewards, have not only polluted her, but have also dug into her, and ignored her.

But wait!

That sounds highly similar to the emotions we begin to feel during our own enlightenment to ourselves! Do we not also have these same emotions when we see that we have polluted ourselves, dug into ourselves, and ignored ourselves? And if we, as the stewards of our bodies carry the emotions that say these things, will those emotions not come back to haunt us in our own lives and bodies?

Yes. They will. That’s what happens with held energy. It always comes back to show itself. It must be seen and acknowledged before it can be cleared. So we, as the stewards of our bodies, consistently go through our own "issues", balance them, and then create what we desire from a much greater, less limited perspective.

We are now understanding that we can’t push to make ourselves healthy. We can’t force ourselves into compliance or run away from what is consciously taking place inside us. Each speck of held energy must be allowed, loved, and honored for its tour of duty.

But what do we see ourselves doing with the Earth? We carry judgment that certain things are environmentally wrong, try to fix them, struggle against the sheer magnitude of them, and blame other parts of ourselves for their existence.

Huh...where’s the healing?

It’s not in the judgment, it’s not in the fixing, it’s not in the struggle, and it’s not in the blame. The healing of the earth will come from the inside of our very beings, one at a time, as we learn to heal ourselves. The healing of the Earth will happen much more rapidly and efficiently when it truly becomes an extension of our physical bodies and is seen as such.

When you touch the Earth, when you stand in the dirt and feel it between your toes, the energetic communication and allowance that can take place is remarkable. It’s not only allowing yourself to feel without judgment, but it’s also accepting the choices of each and every human individual that has walked there. And as the balancing occurs within the self and the Earth, the natural ways to grow, cleanse and operate will naturally begin occurring.

We must remember that the Earth is us. It is our extension. How can we best serve ourselves in our own healing process?

With Love,

Author's Bio: 

Author of two books (Ornesha's Ascension and Jump - The O.A.R. Ascension), Journalist for new and energy, operator of the website, Green Ascension ~ Evolving People on an Evolving Planet.