Maybe the difficult economic times are the perfect next step in our evolution.

If you have 'google alert' and searched "be more creative" you would discover as I have that every day hundreds of articles, news casts, business forums, and blogs are screaming, "we have to be more creative if we are to survive this downturn in our economy."

This thrills me. "Yay, people are going to get to access their creative brilliance!" I think enthusiastically (because my mind likes to do that.) "Yay!! The whole world is going to start using the creative right side of their brains! " I add to myself as I imagine the big picture. "Oh, what a world it could be if we were all using our whole brain – right, left and center!" I won't even go into the image of how astounding this picture can become in my imagination, given that I've discovered that the creative right brain is also the place where many people get their most soulful answers. "BUT …" Yup. A BUT pops into my mind.

And here it is. Here's the BUT that could make the beautiful prospect of a 'whole brain' world just a fantasy.

Have you ever sat in a meeting when someone says, "Okay, we need to be more creative with this concept." And everyone in the meeting nods "yes" enthusiastically. Then there is a lull. And the meeting organizer says, "Okay, then! On that note, let's call it a day!"

What's missing? Quite a bit actually. The way to be creative. The space to be creative. The support of the left brain saying, "no, no, of course it's okay.. you go ahead and be creative" without it adding, "but, first, just make sure that report is done by 4, you are home by 5, dinner is ready by 6, the bills are paid, the car is washed, the floors are swept, you called your mother, you answered those emails, and you've completed a full business plan that justifies your spending time being creative."

What is not missing is the creative people. At least 1 out of 10 in that meeting has a pretty strong creative side. And of the remaining 9, the creativity is there, it's just not their dominant side.

The good news is that there is a way to 'be more creative' as individuals, businesses, and organizations move forward in the challenging economic times. Get a coach. Get a coach who is an expert in not just helping people access the creative side, but in putting it to use in moving individuals and groups forward successfully. Yes, it is entirely possible for the left organized linear brain and the creative non linear brain to work well together.

Are you are one of those saying, we need to "be more creative?" This time don't dismiss that thought. Now is the time to take action.

Author's Bio: 

Janet Whitehead is a certified professional life and business coach who specializes in life coaching creatively. Her expertise includes helping others to access both 'sides of the brain' – the creative 'right brain' and the logical 'lets get things done' left brain. Janet's coaching style leads to a person discovering their most empowering ways to move forward quickly and successfully, authentically and soulfully. She coaches both internationally and locally, facilitates creative workshops, and is the author of a variety of work (play!) books.
In addition, Janet is a certified Creative Muse Group Facilitator and she is currently completing her first novel, and working on a solo show in Clay.