Let's imagine that there's a raging torrent, and that the water's really strong going down current—and for some reason or another, you happen to fall into the river. You can just imagine how the current is taking you down, and you can twist, and you can turn, and you can certainly manage to breathe and stay up and you're not in life-threatening danger—but you're going downstream fast!

Now, in that kind of environment, could you imagine swimming upstream? It would be fruitless; it wouldn't change a single thing. You'd continue to go downstream, and you'd continue to get farther from the place that you wanted to be—assuming that was the place where you went into the river.

You'd continue to get farther from that place, not closer—would you agree with me? Because you're in the raging torrent.

On the other hand, maybe a different strategy—assuming you'd like to be as close to the location where you started as you could be—might be to swim to the side of the bank, get out, and set up camp there, and begin a new life…

This whole simple thing applies to life, too. You know, right now a lot of people are feeling swept downstream by the economy. A lot of people are losing jobs. Business is down for most businesses. We're in an economic correction, and all stimulus packages aside, you can't borrow your way out of debt.

History will prove me out on that, I am certain. But that's a whole ‘nother issue.

For us, who are getting swept down the current, maybe it's good to realize that we're in the current. This is happening not on a national but on a global level. That we as individuals are involved—well, it would be ludicrous to think otherwise. We are the nation, we are the world. As goes the world, so go we the people, right? So, you can't say that we're not being affected.

Maybe, though, instead of trying to hold onto the old ways, the ways that have already disappeared underneath our feet… We fell off the bank. We're in the current. Maybe it's a good idea just to see where the current goes.

Maybe it's a good idea to get over to the bank, and to do some survival measures, so to speak… some measures that are more short-term.

We're already in the current. What are you doing? What are you doing to recognize how different it is now, and how you can prosper in this environment? And I guarantee you—in my instance, in relation to marketing, to being a human potential coach, I'm doing a number of things.

I'm in the same environment and the same world as you are. Don't you think for a minute I'm not. I am, not only in the sense that incomes for our company and for myself have dipped, but that we're also getting more messages of desperation, we're hearing from more people in trouble—which of course, builds our business.

So we're using the recession as a reason to use our services, and we're focusing more on the themes of the recession.

And this too, shall pass. But right now, we're in that wrong, strong current. We've got to get flexible. We've got to do things that maybe we haven't done before.

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