Whether you want to go on a luxurious vacation or you need to buy braces for your daughter, everyone simply wants more money. Here are some fast, easy ways to help you get a financial foot-hold in the New Year ahead!

First, find the southeast portion of your house; this is the wealth sector of your home. Get out a compass to help you find this corner. (Note: If you don’t have a compass it’s important to buy one. A decent compass only costs a few dollars and you can buy them wherever camping supplies or sporting goods can be found.) What’s in this part of your house? If it is your bedroom, dining room, living room, or study, you’re in luck. If it is a bathroom, garage, or kitchen, then we’ve got work to do.

IF THE SE CORNER OF YOUR HOME IS YOUR LIVING ROOM, you need a good, healthy green plant in this room. If you have a brown thumb, then use a silk plant. Something tall and leafy, such as a ficus tree, is a good idea. Just make sure the plant is healthy and lush and that it stays that way. Weak, thin, spindly plants will do nothing to enhance the wealth area of your home. So, if your plants look pitiful, throw them out and buy new ones.

IF YOUR WEALTH CORNER IS YOUR BEDROOM OR BATHROOM don’t place any plants or water features or elements here. If the SE corner of your home is a bathroom, treat it the way you should always treat bathrooms (according to feng shui, that is), and keep the toilet lid and seat down (always), and keep the door closed. In this instance, you should also put a small round mirror on the outside of the bathroom door and a mirror hung so that as soon as you enter this bathroom, you can see yourself. Also, if you can, place a small round mirror on the ceiling over the toilet. You can purchase small round mirrors for about a dollar or so at craft and hobby stores.

You can also add red here to help reduce the water, or yin, energy. Add red in the form of red paint on the walls, red pictures on the walls, or candles. If you just hate the color red, then put a large boulder or stone by the toilet to “weigh” down the toilet’s effect here in your wealth corner.

IF YOUR WEALTH CORNER IS IN THE KITCHEN, be sure to keep the kitchen very clean. You can also put a beautiful lush plant on the counter as well as a bowl brimming with fruit, which is a symbol of abundance. Clear, glass canisters filled with rice, cookies, or other foods is also a nice touch in this area and symbolizes abundance.

IF YOUR WEALTH CORNER IS IN THE GARAGE make sure the garage is clean and clutter-free. This is especially important, because garages often are the repositories for all the junk we don’t want to keep in the house. Clear out and organize as best as possible. Try to clean out and streamline enough to park both cars in the garage (if you have a two cars and a two-car garage) and use the garage as it was intended: as a place to park cars. Add some healthy plants to either side of the garage that you see as you drive in.

IF YOUR SE SECTOR IS AT THE FRONT DOOR, an attractive plant is always nice here, as is a water fountain or fish tank. A fish tank needn’t be elaborate. Or, you can place a fountain here. Figurines of turtles, fish, or frogs are excellent choices in this location. Placing a frog in a dish of coins, with the frog facing the door, is a good idea as it symbolizes a money bag.

THE FRONT DOOR IS AN IMPORTANT ELEMENT FOR WEALTH, so try painting your door an auspicious color. If your door faces SE, consider painting it purple or a shade of purple. You can also paint it a rich green color. If it faces north, paint it black. I did this once to enhance my career and within hours of painting it black, my phone rang off the hook! If your door faces south, paint the door red to enhance your reputation and renown.

Make sure your front door is always clear and unobstructed. It should also be clean and welcoming. Use this door yourself as often as possible and as your main entrance. We often use main entrances for guests and don’t use them ourselves. As the homeowner, we should treat ourselves the better than even our guests and that includes making a nice entrance for ourselves.

If you have a beautiful chandelier or light fixture here, be sure to keep it lit. If you use another entrance as your main entrance, then treat it like a front door and make it as attractive as possible. This is because the main entrance or front door represents your career – and that’s what brings money to us – as well as career opportunities. What does your front door area look like? Is it neat and tidy? Is it attractive and welcoming or is it narrow, small and pinched? Take a good look at it to see what you can do to make it as nice and as welcoming and easy to get into as possible.

Now, when you come into your house, what do you see? Is it your dining room? If so, place a screen or a curtain or something there to block the view. If you can see your dining room or a toilet from the front door, your wealth is draining away. Maybe you have a mirror in the foyer. If so, move it. It’s a common practice to put a mirror in the foyer, but this symbolically pushes the wealth and opportunities that come through the front door right back out; this is especially true if you have a mirror directly opposite the front door or if the front door is reflected in the mirror.

Instead, place a beautiful picture here. If you face a wall when you come in the door, place a picture of a landscape here so that you are symbolically looking into the distance instead of being pushed back out. A friend came to me because she had no luck selling her home. When I visited her house, I noticed she had a mirror facing the front door that pushed everyone who came to see the home right back out again. I suggested she put the mirror over her fireplace and the landscape picture over her fireplace at the front door -- and VOILA! -- she had a buyer.

Lastly, can you see from your front door to the back of the house? If you have windows or a door that allows you to see to the back of the house, you are losing money. Opportunity might come to you, but then it is quickly lost. Or, if your back door lines up directly with the front door, you have a rush of energy known as a “poison arrow.” These are very bad for the direction that the door faces. Place a round table or a screen or something to block the view and the energy moving straight from the front door to the back.

If you want to improve prosperity and have a fun weekend project, build a fountain in the SE corner of your yard, and make it so that the fountain appears to flow toward the house. This symbolically moves the wealth toward the house. Make sure the water is kept full, clean and clear at all times.

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