William James, professor at Harvard, (1842-1910d), at the turn of
the 20th century, is an American psychology icon. He has more
quotes attributed to him than Mark Twain. A century later his
philosophy of "act-as-if", stands up under fMRI (functional Magnetic
Resonance Imagery), as a valuable tool for learning.

1. James quoted E. B. Huey, his Harvard contemporary, "Reading is
the means by which the world does a large part of its work. the slightest
"improvement" either in the page or in the "method" of reading means
a great service to the human race." 1908, The Psychology and Pedagogy
of Reading, reprinted 1968.

We are certain that SpeedLearning fits the bill as an improvement in the
method of reading through the use of the RasterMaster, our neon-helium
hand-held laser-pacer; it adds 300% to your information-pro-
cessing skills.

We offer another exclusive "improvement" for Dr. Huey's approval.

2. Reading on the computer, particularly on the Internet, causes eye-strain,
photophobia (sensitivity and intolerance to light), double-vision, and even
headaches, after more than two (2) hours, for 80% of surfers.
see: American Optometrist Association report on Computer Glasses.

Because the computer is ubiquitous at home and the office, experts claim
half the population uses it daily more than tv, SpeedLearning has researched
an "improvement" in reading off the computer screen.

a) Move your pointer (mouse) to the extreme right-margin of
the page and scroll-down all the pages of the article.

b) simultaneously "click-left".

Result: the page changes from glaring "white", to a darker shade more
conducive to the "comfort-zone" of your eyes.

c) now begin to read as you normally do with this exception -
USE YOUR "CURSOR" as a pacer by "underlining" the words of each

Conclusion: you will not only be throwing a party for your orbs every time
you activate SpeedLearning strategy #9, but you will use the reflex -
"our eyes follow a moving object", and increase your reading speed by
50% with the same comprehension or better.

The first release of the aforementioned SpeedLearning Strategy #9 is
by the Wall Street Journal on February 15, 2003, by Kevin Voigt.

3. "What happened to "act-as-if"?"

Professor James said, "Comport yourself as though you already embody the
characteristics, talents, skills and money of your desires. Act-as-if what you do makes
a difference. It does."

Let's bring it home to the 21st century, and your personal-growth. Whatever you
place in your subconscious mind consistently, with emotion, vividly with enthusiasm,
tends to reproduce itself in this beta dimension of consciousness.

To those who follow the Law of Act-As-If, it is talking to the converted, they
benefit from this principle in relationships and career advancement. To those
who are skeptics and "sarcastics" and proud of it, this is on a par with Flying-
Saucers. But to the professional athletes who are adherents of visualization
and affirmation forms of stress-reduction, it is something they do daily.

4. "Huh? How?"

Sit with your eyes closed for 10 minutes daily, feet flat and relaxed, and
visualize your single goal. Professional golfers see themselves "vividly"
sinking the shots, and handed the check and trophy; pro basketballers
visualize the ball floating through the hoop consistently.

5. "What's the affirmation you mentioned?"

The most effective one we have researched is by Dr. Emile Coue, of
France, "Every day in every way, with help, we're getting better and
better." It is silently intoned as a feedback-loop. Others who are
successful in exceeding their goals sit for 10 minutes, eyes closed, chanting.
They use MEM-HAY-SHEEN, diaphragmatically inhaling through their
nose, and exhaling as they chant the three vibratory syllables.

6. "And this mumbo-jumbo works?"

It uses the power of Placebo to activate the exact muscles for athletic
success, and Positive Thought Placement for success in non-athletic
objectives and goals. Placebo is Latin for "I Shall Be Pleasing", and
serves to excite both mind and body to defend and improve our condition.
The latest research indicates that the Placebo Effect initiates self-healing,
and infiltrates our Brain-Body Barrier.

7. "And this is science?"

fMRI research replicated internationally convincingly indicates that the
same sections of our brain are activated in internally visualizing and
affirming our burning-desires, as in the physical reality of practice.
i.e. seeing the ourselves shooting the basketball and seeing ourselves consistently
scoring two points, time-after-time. It works with at least 80% of the same
physical conditioning as the real-thing. When we visualize reaching our
career objectives or financial success, enthusiastic, vividly seeing our goals,
and focusing a burning-desire, an integration occurs of our left and right hemispheres. Perhaps the release of stress helps, together with an
intrusion of oxygen to our brains by the chanting.

8. "Why do you think it is a practical exercise?"

Common sense without scientific proof tells us that when we are optimistic and
"in-the-flow", we're more likely to be successful at whatever we attempt. Relaxation
is a safety-value to freeing up our mind, and adding a lot of oxygen produces brain
energy for our neurons, Yeah, it works, if you work it. The real secret is that you
have a focus for reinforcing your goals, and they come from the most trustworthy
person on the planet, the single individual you personally "must" believe and follow.

9. "Who?"

You, yourself and your shadow. YOU are chanting and uttering affirmations, and you
are visualizing the goals. Your left and right brains must attempt to fulfill your
orders by leading you to the circumstances most likely to help.

10. "Wow, anything else?"

Just some great quotes from Professor James.

a) "Compared to what we ought to be, we are half awake."

b) "Success or failure depend more upon attitude than upon capacity; successful
men act as though they have accomplished or are enjoying something. Soon it
becomes a reality. ACT-LOOK-FEEL successful, conduct yourself accordingly,
and you will be amazed at the positive results."

c) "The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be APPRECIATED!"

d) "We can act as if there were a God; feel as if we were free; consider Nature
as if she were full of special designs; lay plans as if we were to be immortal;
and we find then that these words do make a genuine difference in our moral

e) "If you believe that feeling bad and worrying long enough will change
a past or future event, then you are residing on another planet with a
different reality system."

f) "The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can
ALTER his life by altering his attitudes."

g) "The great use of a life is to spend it on something that will outlast it."

That's it, see ya.

copyright 2003
H. Bernard Wechsler
email: hbw@speedlearning.org

H. Bernard Wechsler is a senior educational consultant to the SpeedLearning
Institute, affiliated with Long Island University, the Learning Annex, and
NYC schools through the DOME Project. He is one of the founders of
Evelyn Wood Speed Reading graduating over 2 million, including Presidents
Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Carter.

Author's Bio: 

Senior educational consultant to the SpeedLearning Instituteaffiliated with Long Island University, Learning Annex,and NYC school through the DOME Project. He is one of the founders of Evelyn Wood Speed Reading, graduating 2 million,including Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Carter,