This is an example of how one person was living with a health problem that was undetectable on the surface. I once had a problem with my weight and it affected my cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Although not overweight by most estimates - either by eye or by scale - there was an underlying problem that was revealed through a simple blood test. Test results showed cholesterol levels at 242 and triglyceride levels were off the chart (which may have been due to a non-fasting test). The before pic was taken in Aug 2004.

Regardless, at 40 years of age, this didn't seem possible for someone who felt as though the gym was being visited regularly, a balance of cardio and weight training was performed, and a fairly balanced diet was followed. Well, ok, minus the potato chips and Cafe Mocha's that were becoming increasing popular on almost a daily basis. These things just have a way of "sneaking" up on you. It's once in a blue moon, then once or twice a month, then once a week....and before you know it, it's several times a week that you (me) are "enjoying". That unhealthy "treat" that is/was supposed to be reserved for Holidays and vacations, became a diet vice (an item consumed that prevents you from being healthy - be it weight or otherwise).

After reading the results for myself, I had a renewed sense of dedication to a healthy diet - one that consisted of Oatmeal everyday and at least 30 minutes are cardio exercise, too. I also added Juice Plus+® Fruit and Vegetable capsules and the Juice Plus+® Vineyard blend, knowing that I wasn't getting enough fruits and vegetables in my daily diet. And the results six months later and 10 pounds lighter. Not to mention a 100 point drop in cholesterol and a normal triglyceride reading, which was more important.

This is the reason that there is no room for moderation. There is no place for just 'once in a while' consuming something that is not healthy. In our 12+ year history at The Health & Wellness Institute, we have yet to see a client tell us about their once a month piece of chocolate cake, or their once a week cookies. They never stay once a week for very long. Or that once a week becomes such an indulgence that the body ends of paying for it. (Reasons why many diets that allow one day of "cheating" do not work!)

It's actually easier to live by a healthy diet when it comes to choices because you will eliminate a few hundred thousand from your list to a couple hundred, and more like about 50 with variations of how they're prepared. Don't let yourself be deprived of the potential you have in life by 'weighing' yourself down with extra weight and unhealthy foods and beverages. Start living healthy today.

Dr. J. Patrick Havey
The Health & Wellness Institute, DC PC
Official Juice Plus+ Independent Distributor.

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Dr. Havey operates The Health & Wellness Institute, a company whose mission is to bring more awareness to issues related to nutrition and health in order to reverse the obesity epidemic and improve the health all around the world.