The focus of this article is the variety of natural health practices that can be used to completely recover after a serious injury requiring emergency medical and surgical intervention.
More than ten years ago I wrote my Wellness Prescription. It was a list in response to my client's requests; "What should I do to get in shape and stay in shape?" I tried to explain that building the immune system is the natural healing approach to take.


* Scrub and brush your skin.

* Reverse the effects of gravity by slanting, hanging, dancing or bouncing.

* Avoid foodstuffs with no nutritive value.

* Drink lots of pure water.

* Eat lightly.

* Fast regularly.

* Include more variety of organic fruit, veggies, whole grain, legumes and nuts.

* Buy a juicer and use it often.

* Take a lot more vitamins than the RDA(recommended daily allowance), including stress formulas, at least one gram of Vitamin C, 100 mg B complex, anti-oxidants, multi-minerals, enzymes and plant essences.

* Learn what herbs are your allies, grow them and make your own tinctures.

* Include algaes, spirulina, green leaves, wheat grass, chlorophyll and/or sprouted seeds at every meal.

* Use golden seal and echinacea instead of antibiotics.

* Include living organisms like acidophilus with all cooked food.

* Clean your colon with psyllium, bentonite, enemas and colonics.

* Kill internal parasites with clove, wormwood, black walnut, cayenne and garlic.

* Clean your kidneys with herbal teas and supplements like parsley, cornsilk, uva ursa, ginger, B6 and magnesium.

* Clean your liver, gall bladder and blood with castor oil packs and herbs, like burdock, licorice root, milk thistle, turkey rhubarb, olive oil and food grade peroxy.

* Receive healing, loving touch and body work including accupressure.

* Move your body, stretch, and walk, do aerobics, yoga and isometrics.

* Meditate, explore your mind-body connection, be happy, enjoy life.

* Breathe in beautiful sounds and colors.

* Do your emotional work, express your feelings, keep a journal.

On a previous web page, now defunct, I said I was absolutely convinced that your health situation would improve if you chose to make 5 changes from the above list.

Dr Jude's Natural Healing Wellness RX was in need of updating. I was preparing to rewrite it like an article with more description and explanation of just what I was talking about. I intended to add only a couple new things like:

* Take care of your teeth! Pus near your brain may be the #1 cause of depression and mental illness.
* Hoe your garden naked! The entire surface of your body needs exposure to clean air and sunshine.

Now, quite a bit of the content of my original Wellness Rx has been covered in great detail in my other free web article. Colon Cleansing and Cellular Detox is about the radical and powerful natural health techniques that can be used with disease states. At that time in my life I believed in high powered nutrition and cleansing as a lifetime prevention practice.

After I finally finished my Ph.D. in Natural Medicine, I was having a discussion with a female ER MD whom I respect a great deal. I was introduced to the idea that perhaps IT (being healthy) IS ALL ATTITUDE.

I was lucky. I enjoyed exercise and had always controlled my attitude through aerobics and yoga.

Previously, the only serious health problem I had dealt with, personally, was an ovarian tumor. I did end up having it surgically removed but will never know if all the good things I did off this list kept it from becoming cancer. During my recovery a beloved friend, Lynne, and I laughed alot. We developed the practice of addressing each other as Your Highness. We had all our natural health practices lined up and we had such a good time doing them together; we felt like royalty.


In my current life I had joked that I felt so happy I must have died and went to heaven. I lived in my own cabin in a beautiful wilderness, had a loving significant other ( S.O. henceforth) who enjoys gardening, and had a wonderful community of horsebackriding, wild women friends.

Then I broke my back, really bad.

It was a beautiful morning, June 3 at 10:30. S.O. had written in his journal like he does every morning:
"Good Morning Beloved - Thank You for All of This! Please Bless and Guide and Protect us All! Thank you!
"Her Highness came to my bed about 7:00 and we snuggled a while and had coffee in bed and watched Ben [out in the corral]. She's getting ready to ride. Please Bless and keep her Safe this Day!"

His next entry was made June 4, 10:50 a.m.
"Sittin' in 825 beside Jude. She's been down to MRI and back. It was a rough trip on her. The pain pump is hooked back up NOW. Thank YOU Beloved for YOUR Protection and Blessing in Keeping her from being paralyzed! Praise YOU! I've called her brother. Sounds like she'll have surgery tomarrow afternoon - sounds major [sad face] - [Dr. R. will] go in through the left side - remove a rib - remove the crushed L3 and fuse L2 to L4 using the rib and titanium?
"Yesterday morning I went up to visit Lee for a couple of hours. Came home about 11 and found Jude on the ground by the Park sign. Ben had thrown her and she hit hard causing a "Burst" fracture. I made her as comfortable as possible and rushed to CE and called #1(message) and Dave(n/a) then John - told him to bring a board. #1 showed up first then the CE guests (one a plastic surgeon) then John with a piece of plywood. We loaded her in my Nissan and I drove to the hospital. Quick stop for a blanket. JD was working ER so I stayed with her. They did X-rays and Cat Scan and saw the seriousness of the injury. Sent us up here. I rode with her in the ambulance. Helicopter couldn't fly because of bad weather north of here. I'm here with the clothes on my back [smiley face] work clothes at that! #1 and #2 are coming up with stuff today. Dr Don was here last evening as support. Thank YOU for ALL these Good People. I slept on the waiting room floor last night, checked on her every little while til 3:30 then slept soundly till 6:30 - got maybe 5 hours altogether. I'm sittin' here holding her hand and writing. She's in so much pain when the morphine wears off. [sad face] Please Beloved Be with her and Give her the Perfect Blessing Right NOW!"

Our perceptions were really quite different. I wouldn't have said I was thrown, exactly. I was flying for a millisecond. I did hit the ground very hard and flat on my back. My legs and hips started convulsing terribly and I could not get up. I started praying immediately to EVERYBODY. I ended up being thankful for the maybe 45 minutes I laid there because it gave me time to figure out what was going on. I remember telling S.O. that I thought I could have broken my back and needed to be transported on a board to go get X-rays. I started retreating deep inside myself. I remember the feeling of #1's cool hand on my back and the blanket friend saying "Hang in there, Cowgirl!" I never lost consciousness until JD started the morphine pump in the ER. I knew JD had helped S.O. to stay with me the entire time like he wanted. I will never forget JD's advice; "You are not going to be able to be in control of this one. We are sending you to the best neurosurgeon in the country. You are going to have to trust the people that are going to be taking care of you!" I remember the woman sitting with me in the ambulance and what an angel she was to both of us.

The first 5 days in the hospital are quite a blur for me. S.O. was there holding my hand. There were 2 days preparing me for surgery, the day of surgery and 2 days after surgery before he went home. His friend, Dr. Don, a psychiatrist, helped both of us just with his presence. I remember S.O.'s sweet daughters on each side of my bed visiting and holding my hand before surgery. I remember saying YES to the free 24 hour chaplains in the hospital and telling everyone how scared I was. I remember Dr. R explaining why I had to have surgery; I would die of meningitis, and that I could die or become paralyzed by the surgery. The two doctors helping him "open and close" told me they would not even try this surgery if I had not been in such good shape. They were going to have to make a huge opening in my side, an incision from my navel to my spine!

It is considered a scientific fact that 60% of getting well is wanting to. I really wanted to. I wanted to ride horses and bike and dance AGAIN! I remember saying to Dr. R before surgery, " Natural Health equals movement." I knew that fusion did not. He explained in the olden days, to repair a broken lumbar vertibra they used two 12" rods. The patient was never comfortably able to move again. He was going to try something new with me due to my level of fitness. I really did not have a choice but to go with it at that point.

I had emergency, lifesaving neuro-surgery on June 5. Of course I cannot thank enough the doctors and nurses who contributed to the modern western medical high tech aspects of my miraculous recovery.

Here's what S.O. wrote in his journal:
"10:00 a.m. June 5, Sittin' here beside her bed waitin' for her to wake up. The respiratory therapist was just here. Thank You for YOUR Blessings too numerous to count. Thank YOU, Praise You and Bless You too with Respect and Honor and Recognition by us YOUR children. Got a good night of rest last night. Wore my hemp shirt today. Please Bless DR. Don today. Please Bless and Guide the Hands that DO the Repairs on Judith. Please Strengthen her and Help her Be Brave. Another Chaplain was just here and prayed with us. Jude still hasn't signed the consent form for her surgery. We're holding out for the last minute hoping for a Miracle.
"noon - All of a sudden she motions to me that she was ready to sign - I read most of the document to her. It didn't have anything scary - mostly agree to pay.
"1:12 just hangin' out - Steve's gonna bathe her B4 surgery. [My # 3 son and his kids] sent the sweetest flower basket that said Thinking of and Praying for you! Made me cry - then I had a good sob and cry in general. We both have fear. Nurse Angelia brought another consent form to sign. Jude did. Told the hotel folks I'd be keepin' the room another night. Maybe I can go back and lay down while I'm waiting. The OR is reserved for 5 hours and 15 mins.
"3:30 Dr. R was just here and went over everything. Dr. Don had just arrived too! Jude made the decision to go with it NOW! We had a good Prayer together (Jude and ME) just before all this flurry started. The OR is running behind so it'll be awhile. Steve and I gave her a sponge bath earlier. Our Faith says all is well!
"6:50 p.m. Jude's been in Or since 4:10. Please Be With Her Even NOW!
"7:05 #1 just called and caught me here in 825 WOW! Is she physic or what! She has a hot crystal for Jude [smiley face]!
"7:41 Back @ 205 called Jude's Mom, good relate with her. Everyone up there is praying.
"8:06 Took a shower - headin' back to the waiting area.
"9:12 Still no word except that she's still in there! They'll tell me when she's done with her ordeal! Please continue to Be With her my Beloved! Thank YOU for ALL YOU'VE Done so far!
"10:50 Dr R came out and his first words were; 'We Fixed her'! 6 hours and 40 mins. 'Major major surgery.' 'The Dura had been punctured and the spinal chord penetrated by shards of bone.' 'She would never have walked.' Thank YOU Beloved! I called her mom first then #1. I'm about done in! [smiley face] Sittin' in ICU waiting area NOW.
"11:50! Still waiting to see her. Been up and down the hall from one end to the other with her one jump ahead of me [smiley face] 10-15 minutes and I can go in. Whew! 'She'll be sore as all get out' says a young intern. 'She's in good shape.'
"June 6, 12:33 just had a quick visit with Judith. She's hurtin' but lot's better than she feels [smiley face]. She keeps asking me 'what is that terrible sound, can't they turn that off?' I patiently explain the buzzer is set to go off when your respirations are below zero so BREATHE!!
"1:40 Back in my room. Ate in the cafeteria - Thank YOU Good Night!
"Good Morning Beloved! Thank YOU! Thank YOU! Thank YOU! Your Blessings have Been Enormous! Please Keep Them Coming! Woke up @ 7:42 - It's about 8:15 NOW! Still weary [smiley face] But ready [smiley face] Thank YOU for my Days allotment of Energy! May I give you Honor by my Word and Deed. Hey Jude! Good morning and a Good Day to You! Healing is Happening even NOW! I'm about to Spring [smiley face]!
"9:30ish I'm in NTICU with Her Highness - She's pretty out of It! They let me in at 9. Her pulse fluctuates from 79 to 109, respiration from 5 to 13 pm, and BP 125/60.
"9:52 went out to pee - bummed a cuppa coffee from the nurse. Dr. Don called for me @ the nurses Station. Good Relate! We'll meet tomarrow. They've got her weight @ 58.6 kilos or 128.92 - that's a little heavier than when they weighed her before surgery. Maybe it's the Titanium?
"12:21 Resting in my room. Stayed with Jude till 11 which was the end of a.m. visits. She's really groggy! Making calls.
"1:29 Went to sleep and just woke up.
"2:00 Back in 825, both of us. Angelia's here to put in a new morphine.
"2:30 Jeff the therapist is here now.
"2:55 PROGRESS!! The turtle brace has arrived.
"3:20 First sit up with a trial fit of the brace. All went well[smiley face]!
"3:32 The dietician is here NOW! Jude talked to her sister on the phone. And I looked up and there was Mike and Ron [smiley face]! They brought the best out of us both - so good to see Jude brighten up - the Best she's been since the accident [ssmiley face]!
"in 205, 7:40 a.m. June 7 Best sleep since all this began. Thank YOU Beloved for YOUR Abundant Blessings Pouring Out to us. Endlessly. Thank YOU for How Good YOU'VE Done for Jude. Please Continue to Bless her with Your Healing Touch. And Thank YOU for the Endurance and Strength YOU'VE Provided to me. Praise YOU! Took a shower - got dressed - got coffee - watchin' the weather before springing [smiley face]! May my/our words and deeds Honor YOU!
"10:42 There was a crowd around Jude when I got there. Went and had a good poop while waiting. All clear when I returned. We talked about goin' home options. The Social Worker came. I'm to start the paper work. They stood her up last night. Thank YOU for All of This and These Blessings Abundant! Praise YOU! Please Bless and Watch Over Jude and me too as I travel home!"

I remember saying on the way into the operating room, "I'm really scared, you are going to give me something for that aren't you???" Then after that no consciousness except deep peace and darkness. I had to reorient myself to what was real when I woke up in Recovery. During the first two days after surgery I had 3 dreams. Jesus, blond, tan, and nude gave my dream body a loving bath. Two South American Shamans performed a sacred healing ritual using rattles over my dream body. I saw my SELF floating in a giant river that was everyone's prayers. I relaxed into it, letting it support me I drew strength from it. I was very thankful for all of this and promised to formally honor on my alter at home these angels that had revealed themselves to me.

So, I had 5 more days in the hospital after S.O. went home. I felt I was treated with great respect by all the hospital personnel. The dietician and the social worker helped; and the physical therapists were excellent. I began to take a little more control of my nursing plan beginning with going off the morphine. Right away then the pain kept me from sleeping. By June 12 @ 2:20 pm I was really wanting to go home and was so thankful that they let me go even though I was still puking.

The first thing we did when I got home was a colonic; which we continued every a.m. and at bedtime. You can read more about the science behind colon cleansing in my other article. I felt sorry for people who do not know about enemas. They must struggle and strain in pain after surgery. If I had to identify the number one best natural health practice we used to aide my miraculous recover it would be this. It made easy the elimination of toxic waste that otherwise would just sit so close to the area of inflammation.

In the hospital they said the doctor wanted me to get up to the bathroom. That was good. At home, however, I used a bedpan at night until I was allowed to get up without the turtle shell cast.

The friendship thing was big right away. I had lots of calls, visitors and guests. I don't think I would be as good as I am now if it weren't for my friends. Then there was my openness to ask and my willingness to receive.

So, in the beginning the main things to manage were pain and sleep. I allowed myself to smoke a little pot and drink a little red wine right away. I remember being very defensive, like a mother tiger, of my right to risk drug addiction. I was well aware of the natural health view; that the longer pain is masked, the longer it is felt. I felt I could trust myself to use the MD RX pain medicine, a synthetic codeine, only as much as I needed. At first I took 2 every 2 hours.

S.O. and I were not accustomed to sleeping together. The first 3 weeks at home we shared his bed. He wanted to be close so he could hear me and get up with me in the night. He wanted to see if spoon snuggle visualization meditations might help me.

June 13, my first day home, #1 stayed with me while S.O. went to the Health Food Store. The 3 of us worked on his list which included: homeopathics for trauma and nerve damage (taken under the tongue, rubbed on my legs and back and sprayed on the incision area ); high protein powders; multivitamins and minerals, digestive enzymes, extra calcium, Vitamins B and C supplements; antioxidants; growth hormone activators; menopause and wild yams creams; and colloidal silver.

# 1 set up a schedule of people to come over and help S.O. every afternoon for a couple hours.

June 14 we began arranging for my physical therapy at home. I was craving body work.

At this point I needed help in the bathroom, getting up and down, and to bathe, shampoo, do my nails, deal with pain and sleep, the colonics, sitting in the chair and all meal prep. I walked with a walker and could not even fill my own water glass. Friends even washed windows and cleaned the entire house. They worked in the garden, prepared us food and arranged flowers.

By June 18, not home one week, I needed another bottle of 60 pain pills.

2 weeks after surgery I still need help getting in bed for a nap, with all bath and food services. I did not go to the summer solstice party or daughter #3's wedding. I had started to enjoy watching videos.

June 25 I can get in and out of my shell unassisted. S.O. writes, "another amazing tick on the hand of healing". I'm crying that afternoon and evening. I do not have much appetite.

Another bottle of pain medicine...?

June 26 S.O. asks #1 to continue to schedule help with care giving. I am still in his bed and interrupting his sleep every night. He gets into poetry writing. My pain is still what you would have to call uncontrolled. I don't believe the Rx pain meds are touching the nerve pain in my left leg. That evening at 9:30 a neighbor brings poppies in moonshine. I start having a drink with fresh organic cream and honey at bedtime.

June 27 #1 schedules help 5 more days. PT is still being arranged. I laugh for the first time in days talking on the phone to Lynne. She begins sending me Sacred Healing Energy every day at 11:00 a.m. that I am supposed to try and receive at that time.

June 28 S.O. adjusted my shell where it was hurting my pubic and hip bones. This involved melting and bending it out in his shop. He also put a handle by the toilet so I can pull myself up.

June 30 S.O. needs advice about my moods. #1 and D encourage us both that we are doing good. That nothing is anyone's fault or responsibility. We are under such a great stress right now we need to avoid drama more than ever.

*TRY NOT TO TAKE ANYTHING PERSONALLY! Perhaps The Secret to Happiness!!

July 2 I was upset and depressed. Sue came and got me. I needed to be in a woman's environment. I took the steristrips off my incision in her hottub. I slept well on her screen porch with the music of the toads from her pond. On the 4th of July, she called The Women's High Tea. From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. all the women in our wonderful community were there with gifts and beautiful foods and drinks. They massaged my feet and hands. It felt so good and meant so much that they would spend their holiday morning making me Queen for the Day.

July 5 home from Sue's. Mrs. X came to visit for the weekend for the first time. She was "a friend of a friend." I asked her to help me move back into my cabin and she did. Aaahhhhh....Home! I started staying up all night reading and sleeping into the afternoon. S.O. and one or two friends checked on me everyday and brought food and did what ever chores I needed done; including: composting, air-conditioning, trash, sweeping, washing the dishes, changing the sheets and mowing the grass. Every two or three days S.O. brought me over to his house via car for a shower, colonic, phone calls, and a movie. I would prefer a tub bath but still can't get comfortable. Friends encourage S.O. that my independence is OK; but that first month of me living on my own again we are estranged. It feels like an unbelievably long time until my 6 week doctor visit.

July 9 I am crying when the PT RN visits. She is real sweet, encouraging and supportive. July 10 S.O. writes, "best day so far!" I still need help putting pain relieving lotions on my back and legs.

July 11 was the only time I called S.O. in the night to come over. I was afraid that I was dying of diarrhea.

July 12 the masters prepared therapist visits with the friend who will be my PTA. July 13 my PTA finally started. She was great. Twice a week for 4 months, I looked forward to her visits, her pep talks, her massages, our walks and the progression of my home exercise program. She especially emphasized that my safety was of utmost importance for a total recovery.

July 20 S.O. takes me out for the first time to dinner at D's. I am glad Mia is there for me to excitedly talk with about Food Combining Theory.

July 22 Mrs. X's third visit to S.O.'s! I talked to my PTA and priest friend about my anger and jealousy beginning to boil at S.O. re: HER!

July 23 Lynne calls because she feels "shut out by my anger"! I confide in her, too. July 25 S.O. prays I'll understand and Mrs. X leaves for the last time. I perk up when certain friends visit. Then S.O. is trying not to be jealous.

July 26 He writes, "Jude needed to ventilate her feelings toward me." I felt like I might have a stroke or heart attack if I didn't. I asked him to let me speak uninterrupted, to just listen. I told him I hated him. I cried and carried on for about one half hour. When I said I was finished and he could go without responding; he said; "I honor your anger." I called Mrs. X and said F... You!!

This was a turning point in my healing. I had dealt with a big life issue of running away from conflict. I had learned my lesson again how something that seems really bad can work out to be a good thing. I had made my way through the grief process; doubt, denial, depression, anger, etc. I had arrived in my healing process at acceptance; I accepted what I needed to. I was happy and In Love again.

July 27 I had the best soak in the bath tub yet. We are able to make love again, carefully but exquisitely. I still stay up late reading.

July 29 a Sunday and my PTA came with my cane. I cooked my first meal at my house, veggie burritos.

July 30 I am completely off the pain pills. I went to get my first X-ray with girlfriends and out to lunch. When we looked at the X-ray in the car I was shocked. The titanium parts were very bright and large. There was the titanium cage around the spine from L2 to L4. I had expected that. There was a C-clamp to the left side with large, sharp screws thru L2 and L4. Dr. R explained that's where the nerve damage came from, those two screws in each vertibra. He said I would lose very little movement. I had to continue wearing the shell brace but was allowed to sit up without it. That was a big come ahead.

July 31 I was very tired! I started a new med! In just 30 days the nerve damage would turn around enough for me to recover my muscle tone. My first shower without the turtle shell brace! We start snuggling and napping every afternoon at my place. Friends continue to bring us dinner there.

Two months after the accident I am still not walking alone because I need the cane. My PTA points out balance errors. I still do not sleep well at night due to nerve pain. I am able to straighten up my space a little. I talk on the phone alot. I can go to the neighborhood parties now. I lay on S.O.'s front screen porch reading on the day bed all day. I am still tired and my back is sore. I start to be able to tolerate a little sunshine. I can prepare some of my meals. I am taking it easy. My friends harvest the garden for me.

Sept 1 I walk half a mile with my PTA.

Sept 4 I walk with S.O. from my house to his house and back.

S.O. wants to make sure I tell you about the Darrumbe' treatments. He believes there is alot of truth to the old adage; put a purring cat in a room full of broken bones and they'll heal. The low frequency vibration stimulates healing. Sometimes from 3 - 5 hours he used Sound, a deep vibration, like Om with an open mouth on the skin to transfer the vibratory frequency directly into the surrounding tissue.

In September I start to email again. I can do my own colonics and baths now. I start to walk around the block unassisted. I still don't do dishes but I made an apple pie.

September 13, my 2nd X-ray and I am free of the shell. Dr. R says it is excellent that I did not gain alot of weight laying around all summer. I am starting to feel fat!

My astrologer advises caution for the rest of my life. I am not going to try and do even half of what I used to. She also said I should not think about cleansing for another year.

When the weather turned cold I moved back in with SO and the wood stove. We start a regular Sunday Sauna. I was able to cook a big dinner for the family on S.O.'s birthday in the middle of October. I adopt an old horse and start feeding, brushing and loving her for my additional exercise and therapy. We went to D's for Thanksgiving and out dancing. I couldn't let loose.

It wasn't like I ever really felt in touch with my own healing powers. I was just trying to do everything I could. I was not on any special diet except I eliminated coffee and junk food entirely from my diet. I'm trying to share with you anything that may have contributed to reaching my goal of not becoming a chronic back pain patient.

The cleansing diet I discuss in my other article will prevent the development of arthritis. A recent issue of Time magazine featured the coming epidemic of arthritis. I believe that is the drug companies trying to sell drugs. The natural health view is: arthritis is a toxic condition resulting from longterm dietary deficiencies and lack of proper exercises.

I plan to use the herb comfrey to increase bone strength for the rest of my life.

One of the last things I did to achieve a 100% recovery was going to visit a friend for 2 months in Costa Rica. I felt old, fat, stiff and sore when I left home. I love the climate there. I was able to eat fruit for breakfast and lunch, and salad and fish for dinner. I felt my weight stabilize at about 10 pounds higher than before I broke my back. I wondered if it happened because I was a little too skinny. I continued my PT exercises and weekly massage; and added 3-4 mile walks in the flat sand, bobbing in the surf and swimming in a small fresh water garden lap pool. I got up to 15 laps which was only 1/16th of a mile, but still it felt great. I went out dancing weekly and about New Years started to feel myself being able to move freely; Thank Goddess!
My 50th birthday was 9 months after the accident and I was pretty much back to normal by then.

A final ceremony I did at the 1 year anniversary was to put good energy back into the River that had so lovingly supported and nourished me.

My mantra for many years has been ONE;

*Everything is connected!

Spiritually, an attitude of gratitude is vital. I was very thankful. My community demonstrated their thankfulness by having a benefit for me. Enough money was raised for me to settle all my outstanding medical bills. It was a great party. Then I wrote this letter:

Dear Family and Friends,

I've wanted to send you these words of appreciation for quite some time. I hope you will be able to overlook the form letter. I have so much to be thankful for and so many people to thank. I know you heard about my accident in June. I wanted to let you know how I am doing now. I've been to the neurosurgeon twice for x-rays and can see bone growth. I am no longer required to wear the turtle shell. In another 6 months I will be able to ride again. It has been such an amazing miracle to witness: that something so terrible could turn out so wonderful. AND ALL BECAUSE OF YOU, REALLY!

I could have been overwhelmed that first month by the grief and pain and helplessness. It was quite an inward journey. I was in the exact spot I was supposed to be in. It wasn't good or bad: it just was.

I believe the secret to happiness in life is how you take it. I tried not to take my disappointment too seriously. I got hurt really bad doing something I love very much. I tried so hard to welcome the experience as a sacred teaching! I received a tremendous show of support. I was in awe at the outpouring of deep concern for me. I believe all the cards, gifts and visitors really saved me from despair. Your encouraging words, hopes, smiles and thoughts really helped. THANK YOU FOR SENDING ME YOUR GOOD ENERGY!

Thank you for reminding me how strong and healthy I am! It gave me strength that you never doubted me.

I took the good advice, affirmations and inspirations to heart. I visualized your love and prayers as a great river of good vibes. I had only to relax and receive. I am so lucky to have this idyllic setting in which to recover. My healing was further blessed by the bountiful summer garden. But I could not have done it without you.

I never lost sight of how fortunate I was to be alive and free of paralysis. I felt a responsibility to learn my lessons well and emphasize the miracles. I feel I did learn alot about some big issues for me, like talking about my feelings. I felt angels watching over me and your prayers being answered. I learned how important staying still is and what a gift the present moment is. I received so much comfort from watching birds and butterflies on my flowers. I dreamed about our connection to the Divine.

God's love was near me - revealing my strength, healing and spirit moving forward. I hope to be a better person and to be able to help others keep on getting better now.

So, that is what I wanted to say:

dr.hey jude

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Author's Bio: 

Rev. Dr. Jude Arnold, after writing a Master’s Thesis in Nursing, rode a bicycle across nineteen countries. During which time many people encouraged her to write a book about her unique style of travel; conquering fear.

Rev. Dr. Jude Arnold is now an Ordained Minister and certified in Applied BioMechanics and Cranial Sacral Therapies.

She has an extensive background in Education and Health Services, with special emphasis on Natural Healing. Having traveled the World extensively and learned alternative healing methods has provided a wealth of experience in civil rights, non-violence, and promoting World Peace. She offers Natural Health and Whole Life education and counseling, as well as Psychic Readings and Spiritual Guidance. She has great empathy and success with Women-”maidens, mothers, and crones.” She has participated in Triathlons (Running, Biking, and Swimming), Modeling, Organic Gardening, Rainbow Gatherings, and Community Co-Operatives. Other interests include Astrology, Feng-Shui, Hair Wrapping, Clowning, Cultural Studies, Dancing, Devotional Chanting, Drumming, Horseback Riding, Macramé, Writing, Mindfulness, and Spirituality.

The Late Jan Arnold has been honored and immortalized in 3 previously published books by Author House and her sister, Rev. Dr. Jude Arnold, including; Jan Does Europe, Marci Gets A Haircut and The Indepth Me. Rev. Dr. Jude Arnold is a facilitator of healing, a life-style consultant, an ordained minister, a doctor of natural medicine and educational psychology, a retired, masters prepared R.N., a traveler, the author of The Last Lipizzan, and certified in Applied BioMechanics and Cranial Sacral Therapy.