There are so many benefits to consulting with a great psychic counselor. A psychic is a person who can help you gain clarity and direction when you cannot navigate through a life lesson alone. There are many different techniques a professional psychic can use. Some use Tarot Cards, others use tea leaves, some use no tools what so ever. Every psychic has there own way if divination. There is no right or wrong way, but only what works best for the particular reader and the client. We are all born with psychic abilities. A psychic is a person (among other things) who has somehow, through practice or natural process has learned to listen and heighten their awareness. The skill of listening is not as easy as if sounds. To block out all influences that enter the mind and be able to open up an objective dialogue with spirit guide is not easy.
A psychic can also tune into to vibrations of the person they are reading and people in their lives. Our whole universe is run by energy. Our spiritual energy puts out vibrations and a psychic is sensitive to them. Are your vibrations negative, positive, slow, dull, static etc..
To be able to predict outcomes of future events is another thing your psychic counselor should do. Prediction of the future is tricky. If you picture your life as a road map with many streets and turns you can take, the psychic is able to view this map from an aerial position. They are able to overcome the concept of time as we know it and see your journey as a continuum, all happening in the now. A psychic can rise above and look down at the roadmap of your life. They can see you, what road your on and what appears to be the clearest path. More then likely the psychic will feel you will take the path of least resistance. Hence the likelihood of what is going to occur in the future. Future predictions are never cast in stone. At any time free will can take over, take you in another direction and change the outcome. This is good to know when you want to stop an event from occurring. Your psychic can see this down the road and give you the chance to exercise your free will.
A psychic can deliver messages from your teachers who are on the spiritual plane when you yourself are blocked. They are the conduit to deliver the messages your guides need to get through. Your psychic counselor should also encourage you to use your own power. To heighten your own awareness so you can receive your messages on your own.
A psychic should never encourage dependency. You should have no more then one reading a month. Except in the case of an emergency. Coming for readings daily is harmful. The readings become convoluted and subjective at this level. Asking the same questions is equivalent to a child nagging a parent asking..Now? Now? Can I have it now? The Universe does not respond positively to this. We must ask, get our answers and then trust. Let it go.
Your psychic should always encourage you to find your own answers and insights also. To be able to sharpen your own awareness skills is something you can learn. Your psychic can help you with this by offering advice on meditation.
A psychic should never encourage you to interfere with the free will of another person. This creates negative energies and will eventually backfire on you. Each person has the right to their own free will and control their own journey. To encourage any activity that would get in the way of that would prove to be counter productive.
When choosing your psychic counselor another thing you must consider is connection. Do you connect with this psychic? Do you feel that you both are on the same wave length? If you don't have this initial connection, no matter how talented the psychic is, the readings will be off. Check references. Does this person come highly recommended? Are there any reports that this psychic has taken advantage of clients? Unfortunately as in any field there are people with less then honorable intentions and you have to protect yourself against this. Just like any professional you would employ, you want to know you are in competent hands. For example if you go to a reader who tells you you have a curse on you and for a price they will remove it, run! What a true psychic counselor does is give insight, clarity and direction. Your psychic is your guide and trusted friend. If you are able to gain all this from your sessions, then you have found the perfect psychic for you.

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Sahvanna Arienta is a spiritual intuit and counselor. She is able to connect with spirit guides and deliver their messages of enlightenment to a clientele of thousands. A lifelong student in metaphysics and spirituality, she is able to bring clarity and direction to her clients by providing psychic counseling sessions. Please visit

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