Guided meditations are a way to help you look inward and explore your true self. It’s as if you entered a new country and you needed a guide there. You could probably find your way on your own, but it would be easier if someone else showed you the way. And so we go with you: we join you on your journey and help you find the best path to follow.

We also join you on an energy level – that is, for the time we are together we enhance your energies with ours. Your guide is a companion through whom you can share the country you are visiting, because they dwell there, grew up there. They have the energy of someone who lives in a place, on the inner planes, and can explore with you the crevices and the depths, can show you what to look for and how to examine what is there.

We have been made to explore with you. It is our nature to enjoy this, as you enjoy the adventure of exploring with others, of showing a visitor around your country or your town. It is our joy to show you around your inner landscape.

When you reach the levels to which the meditations take you, a broad array of experiences awaits you. It is as if you have entered a large geography, a place with of high mountains and low valleys and rivers sparkling with life. It is in these places that we meet you and are delighted to be here and to explore these spaces with you, so that the experience is whole and of mutual benefit to all of us. Our meeting with you fulfils our destiny also; that is why we join you with joy in our hearts. We hope to convey this joy to you also, and bring you closer to your own being.

We invite you to join us here as often as you can. We are preparing a way on the earthly plane by providing guided steps of discovery to help you find the path. Even after we leave you, you can return as often as you please, for once you have learned how to get here you can enjoy your own adventures in these spaces, on your own time. Prepare yourself for adventure such as you may never have known, discovering your own inner surface.

By exploring your inner landscape, you will become part of the community of inner selves: you will join more readily with others on a spiritual level, and find the answers to your questions more easily than you did before.

We invite you to your own being, and lovingly attain those states of mind through which you will enter the realms of peace.

Author's Bio: 

Joseph Schwartzman is a channeler and an artist. He was born and still lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He is very active in the field of personal spiritual growth. He wrote the book "Creating Light, How to Illuminate Your Life" and is working on an extensive website on this subject.