Death is not a separation of life but a separation of the soul from the human form it took on. The one you speak of is still close to you and is in the spiritual light form. They wish you to know they are doing well, and will always be with you. The afterlife you speak of is actually a separation of our reality from the spiritual world. It is our logical mind that keeps us from being more aware and intuned to this other world. The other world we speak of is in our world, but we can not see it, due to our own limited blockage and acceptance.

The after life we speak of is the spiritual soul taking on a light form
instead of a human form. When they wish to make contact with us, we will
have sudden insights, guidance in every day life, guidance in our dreams,
and sudden knowledge or visions. There really isn't a separation of the two world, only in our minds. We use the world of heaven and going to heaven as a means for our understand. The spiritual world and the change from human form to the spiritual light form is heaven. When we release the limitations and boundaries we have established in our time and world, as the spiritual light soul, we go to many different areas, from the area of where angels and the Creator are to, our world of earth and its humans, to the spiritual light world of other light beings. There are many facets and areas that we do not see or understand because we are limited in our beliefs and in the human form. When we in the human form accept that there are no limitations to spiritual advancement and the oneness with the Universal Consciousness, we too will be able to see these beings.

They are with us all the time, and take turns in giving us the guidance to
advance us spiritually. They travel all over, some will take rest periods
and stay closer to the angel and Creator area, some will want to come right
back in the human form to finish their work, still others will want to be in
the spiritual light form and go back and forth between all the different
areas and worlds as we call them using their expertise and knowledge to
assist and guide many.

I am a firm believer in the life after death because it is true. I have seen
it and know that we are all alive in the spirit form, but are limited
because it is too, much for our mind to take in and accept. As the veil is
lifted from our minds, we will be able to see other souls as light beings,
and the communication will be like we are speaking together now or in

Because of our world, our minds and our limitations it is harder for the
spiritual light beings to make contact. Blockage, violence and negativity as
well as the life we live, how we treat others, and lack of trust, respect
with an open mind, heart and soul keeps us limited in our beliefs and
insights of wisdom and knowledge of the after life and the guidance they can give and share with us.

Author's Bio: 

Rose Ann Schwab, is proud to be a world renowned clairvoyant psychic medium who uses her gifts to make a difference and in changing the image and stigma associated with psychics world wide today. Rose is founder and owner of Angelic Inspirations International Inc. and Angelic Inspirations Radio.