What are you doing to deserve your place on the team?

Think of life as a game, and you, and everyone else, are members of the team. We're all on the same side, the side that is striving to win success, health, happiness, prosperity, peace of mind and good relationships. Our opposition is failure, sickness, misery, poverty, worry, despair, and loneliness.

Each one of us has an absolute responsibility to ensure that we play our part to the full, to ensure that we remain deserving of our place on the team. Merely being a member is not enough. You have got to be a participating member and you have got to ensure that your participation contributes to the success of the team.

The very essence of the game of life is service. Your rewards will always be in direct proportion to the value of the service that you deliver. You cannot function in isolation, separate from the team. You are like an angel with only one wing, you can only fly when you are helping someone else to fly, or someone else is helping you to fly. Your ultimate success is dependent on the success of the team.

So, what service have you rendered, or will you, render today. How will your labours of today benefit others? Think of how many of your daily activities are dependant on the labours of other people. People who you will never know, but never the less people with families, with hopes and dreams, fears and worries, loves and disappointments, people, just like you. Think of how many things you regularly use, and take for granted, yet the only reason you are able to use them is because someone else went to work.

Somebody had to make the bed you slept on. Somebody had to make the bedding. Somebody had to make the toothpaste you brushed your teeth with, somebody else had to deliver it and still somebody else had to have it for you to buy. Have you ever thought of how many people are working just to ensure that you have toothpaste every morning. (here's something to think about, we brush our teeth with a tooth brush and tooth paste surely it should be a teeth brush and teeth paste?)

Take a look around you. I am sure that you will see that virtually everything you see is the result of someone else's labour. In fact every item normally involves the input of quite a lot of other people. Think of all the many things that you do every day. Become aware of how many times you rely on the services of other people. Think of how it affects you when you get good service, do you even notice? Think of how it affects you when you get bad service?

Take a look at the service that you offer. How many people are affected by what you do? How would you feel if you were to meet those people? Remember this, your sense of significance depends on the value of the service that you offer to other people. So if your sense of significance is low, check out your service levels. If your service levels are low check out your attitude. To check out your attitude look at yourself in a mirror and ask this question of yourself "What are you doing to deserve your place on the team?"

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