What attracts women?

Psychologists say that men become attracted to women who have higher reproductive abilities like more female hormones and an hour glass body shape. They also say that women are attracted to men who are resourceful and who can protect them.

So to put this in another way, men give much higher weight to looks and women give a very high weight to social status, financial status and the ability to become successful.

I do agree with most of what the psychologists said but I don’t agree that this should be a rule that has no exceptions. Most men care about looks but there are people who give higher weight to other things and most women care about resourceful men but still there are exceptions.

I am not successful, do I still have a chance?

According to what psychologists said you must appear to be wealthy, successful and determinant in order for women to like you, right?

Well not exactly, even if you don’t have any of these things you can still become very attractive by showing that you have the ability to become successful. Women who like wealthy men tend to like men who are ambitious but not yet wealthy simply because ambition can be an indication that the person will become wealthy one day.

In short, you don’t have to have the resources in order to make women like you but you just have to show that you have the abilities that can bring these resources.

Can ambition make you more attractive?

Ambition, intelligence, persistence and self confidence can make you appear very attractive to women because all of them are traits that indicate that you can bring the resources you want.

Fortunately you can learn how to project these traits so that everyone notices them when dealing with you.

Women also need to be safe that’s why most of them will become attracted to men with a well built body, not necessary muscular, but a body that reflects physical strength and agility.

Another good tip that can make you more attractive to women is to say that you play martial arts, most women especially those who need protection the most will become more attracted to men who play martial arts because it will let them think that they can protect them.

In summary attractiveness has nothing to do with genes especially if you are a man, you can create attractiveness if you knew the rules.

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