Gary Craig, the founder of EFT says to “Try it on everything!” For myself, I know EFT can help with many, many problems. For instance, today EFT has helped me with two challenges: I was feeling very judgmental about myself, so I did some tapping on accepting myself and now feel much better.

Then, I wanted to start writing this newsletter. I couldn’t think of a title for this article, or what to say. So I tapped for “not being able to write.” Now ideas are flowing freely. (Email me if you want a copy of my tapping sequence.

In my part-time job as a substitute teacher, I have helped numerous students get over tummy aches and headaches in just a minute or two, without having to go into the theory of EFT. When I have been with students for long enough to build up rapport, I have been able to help them easily and quickly deal with anxiety, upsets and disappointment, especially the younger children.

Closer to home, I have used EFT successfully on my cat to help him clear up a respiratory infection, and to give him back his spark for life, after he had undergone a “difficult relationship” with a large black dog! He really enjoyed the tapping experience. I have done surrogate tapping for my son and mother, among others. Mom has an injury that isn’t healing and we have eliminated the pain. Now we are working on energizing and healing it.

Among my clients, I have had success with people with asthma, diabetes, social anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, migraines, MS, chronic fatigue, weight loss, and the list goes on. EFT is truly amazing and I don’t believe we have truly tapped into its potential yet. Let’s not forget about this powerful healing modality we have at our disposal.

(For serious, chronic issues, it is recommended to make use of a practitioner’s services.)

Author's Bio: 

Beginning in the late 1980's I began learning about the new Energy Psychology and evolved my own modality which I called "Emotional Stress Release". Since then I've also
studied physiology and psychology and hold a Master of Holistic Healing Diploma. I am a graduate of the Intern Program offered by Insight Counseling and Training and have taken a four year course in Spiritual Psychology. I received a Meditation Teacher's Certificate from the Willpower Institute in Bangkok, Thailand.

Helping myself and others with EFT has been a central part of my life for three and a half years. Using my background in healing, and a solid knowledge of how the human mind is structured, as well as compassion, intuition and humour, I will help empower you to release your blockages and move you from suffering to peace and health. Helping people with personal performance and growth is also a major interest. I am a participant in the EFT EXPLORERS' CENTRE, and the organiser of the Calgary EFT Meetup Group. I do EFT, both individually and in groups, in the Calgary, Canada area, and by phone anywhere needed. Visit