Know your votes before the vote is taken is a lesson every one involved in Human Resources and/or with Boards of Directors should know. It is being reported that votes fell away from the passage of the bill known as the "bailout." There is a lesson to be learned from this no matter your feelings about the bill or those involved.

I have seen executives give talks without bouncing it off stakeholders. Those stakeholders include those implementing programs and those who will be carrying the message forward for the executive. Could it be ego or arrogance that makes one think they don't need feedback? Assumptions can be a chilling lesson through a surprise.

Understand the issue, explain your understanding to your stakeholders; get feedback and get the votes. If you can not get the votes before, you will not get them later, especially by berating people. There are so many sayings we have seen on stickers and office decor. Saying like "the beatings will continue until the morale improves"; and "ropes are better pulled than pushed."

But shame on people who do not speak up when asked. Salaries are earned for a job and that includes the truth of your understanding and your ability to speak up to those who need to hear it. Say it respectfully, and if not taken-then you have another decision.

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