In this hectic, sometimes chaotic life, we push ourselves to do more without the satisfaction of ever completing our ‘to do’ list. Do you subscribe to the thought that more is better? I Can! Yet, I also know this is trouble for me because there is never enough. So…I made a decision!

I've decided that the top 3 activities on my ‘to do’ list must be done…no matter what. I get to decide what is most important for me to do in a day. The night before I designate my 3 top activities for the next day, and ‘first things first’ is my slogan when I start the new day.

Why only the top three? At this point in my life, I recognize that I require feeling good about myself. My well-being is my most important intention of each day. It’s my life and if I don’t provide that warm and loving feeling towards myself…then who will do it for me?

There are wonderful people in my life who share in my life journey, providing me with support, laughter and fun times together. I’m able to share my stories and they listen, as I do to theirs. Yet, if I don’t feel good about myself, I can’t enjoy and relish the people who are in my life.

I know already that I try to do too much, get overwhelmed and I’m not always effective in my day. It’s fine if I gather all the things I want to do on my list, but I only need to select my top 3. I may complete more, and that’s great. When I complete my top 3, I honor my well-being by celebrating what I have accomplished.

I give myself permission to enjoy what I do. If I complete more than 3, then I have dessert, but the main entrée of my good feelings comes from my top 3 choices.

At the end of my day, I recognize that I have kept my promises to myself. I feel I have supported the direction I want to go in my life and followed through with my decision. I’ve learned that I can do what is important to me and trust that I’m on the right track in my life.

What does your ‘to do’ list say about you? At the end of the day, do you celebrate what you have accomplished or beat yourself up for not accomplishing more? Have you learned how to take good care of yourself? Is your intention to be more self-loving?

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Pat Brill is the author of Life's Many Lessons ( You can reach her at