What causes bad luck? To begin with we have to admit that sometimes events are just random, or at least with causes beyond our ability to understand at the moment. Therefore even the luckiest person will have occasional "bad luck." On the other hand, it is unlikely that a person who is normally lucky will become truly unlucky. The bad times will be limited and rare. Why?

It is because those who are lucky are habitually thinking in a particular way and doing things in a particular way. Others have their own ways of thinking and operating as well, and those habits are part of what causes bad luck. Let's take a look at one of them.

Blaming Causes Bad Luck

Blaming and making excuses are ways to avoid taking responsibility for one's own life. It is a common trait among unlucky people. However, if you suggest that there is no value to blaming, and that it may even cause more bad luck, the blamer is likely to get very irritated. "But it really was his fault," he might insist.

It really might be someone's fault, right? Other people really can contribute to a person's bad luck or bad situation. Why then, can blaming be a bad habit that brings more bad situations? It is because a focus on the outside factors that "cause" your problems takes your power away. You essentially concede defeat when you repeatedly blame other people or circumstances for your problems, and conceding defeat isn't very productive, is it?

Many unlucky people can point out every person and circumstance that is to blame for their bad luck, but they cannot see what their own contribution to their situation is. Blaming and excuse making is a terrible approach to life. It eventually makes looking for causes outside oneself automatic. It is difficult for such a person to ever recognize the personal changes they need to make.

Let's illustrate this with an example. A man wants to start a lawn-care business, and his friend agrees to be his partner. But the bank decides not to loan him the money for the trailer and mowers he needs. Then he finds that his friend doesn't seem to want to work as hard as he does at getting this business going. The whole thing starts to fall apart, and he tells anyone who will listen that it is the fault of the friend who won't work hard, and the bank that broke their promise to lend the money.

But are these the causes of his failure? If he quits at this point, it will seem like it to him, and he'll think he is unlucky. On the other hand, if he learns his lessons and takes responsibility for making the business work, he'll almost certainly succeed in time and see these as mere bumps in the road to success. Then he will be seen as "lucky," and he will be, but because he stopped focusing on blaming.

He could find a partner who is more committed, or do it himself. He could borrow on credit cards to buy what he needs, or lease the equipment. But the habit of concentrating on who or what is to blame doesn't motivate a person to do what is necessary. Just the opposite! It is a big part of what causes bad luck, because it gets in the way of the three steps needed for success:

1. Learn your lessons.

2. Take responsibility.

3. Take action.

Constant blaming and anything else that gets in the way of these three steps is a part of what causes bad luck.

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