Solve the problem before it starts.

Now, the best way to deal with this particular problem is to solve it before it even starts.

The absolute most important prevention method is an understanding of female psychology and attraction.

Here are a few pointers to get you started:

1) Women are never attracted to wussies.

Women don't feel attraction for weak men. Sure, if you chase a woman for long enough, and buy her enough things, she may "fall" for you. But in that case it's not because she feels attraction for you. Ohhhhh No. It's because she feels affection for you, and she confuses it with attraction.

So if your Inner Wussy has been taking the wheel, Evict It! Bitch-slap the Wuss out of yourself. Do it now.

2) Don't be predictable.

Predictability is a mortal sin when it comes to attraction. If a woman can guess what you're going to do or say, you're being predictable. If she can’t guess what you're going to do or say, she'll always be wondering...

Now, keep in mind that women are much better at predicting behavior than men.

So if you're going to stop being predictable, then you're going to need to learn how.

To begin with, pause before you do and say things. Think about what you'd normally do, then do something else.

Throw in some crazy, off-the-wall stuff for good measure.

Predictable is bad bad bad for business.

3) Don't be boring.

Boring is the bastard child of Predictable. When you are so predictable that nothing is new or different, then you are officially boring.

Boring is also the lack of adventure, passion, energy, humor, and attraction.
Unfortunately, most men are really, really, really boring.

I mean like shoot-yourself boring.

Like, if there was a "Boring Score" that took into account everything from food to clothing to interests to conversation, most men would score a 99.75 on a 100 scale. It's a bad situation.

I used to be pretty damn boring myself, so boring, in fact, that I could probably be
certified as an expert on the topic.

So take it from me, boring is bad. I don't care what you have to do to stop being boring, but do it.

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