Advertisers’ job is to attract you with all your senses starting with visual.

Their job is to make it so attractive that you cannot say no and is it working you asks, you bet, take a look at the economy and see how much people are in debt.

Feeling down

You may not realize that you have overspent only at the end of the month when you receive the bills.

Fulfilling the hole

Your over spending may not be just to over spend, it may come from a need to feel good if only for a while.

It is as if you need that quick fix to hold you because something or someone rub you the wrong way most of the time and you do not know how to deal with it or you just cannot put your finger on it.

Self worth

You may express your self worth by over spending because you feel that you have been working hard and you are entitle to buying what you want no matter how much in debt you will be in.

How much to spend

When you do not budget you do not know how much you can afford.

It would seem that something always coming up for you to spend money and you may feel overwhelm and that you have to.

Birthdays, holidays, outings, clothes, or emergencies where do you start to know how to use your money well.

Depriving yourself is not the answer for you will resent yourself and the people around you.

Replacing habits

Become aware that your overspending habits has been useful to you in the pass, that you have gain something from it, you got a pay off, now is the time for you to find out what was it and how can you replace it with something that gives you the same feel as spending without keeping you in debt.

Stop using that plastic

You do not know how much to spend because you use that credit card and you do not see the bill until it is too late at the end of the month.

Start using a budget, by what is most important to pay of first especially if you have a high interest rate on those credit card bills.

Start using cash and only cash remove that debit card.

Your plan of action can be done gradually so you do not feel overwhelm with changing your spending habits.

This new way of behaving with a new approach can be difficult because you will be letting go of that part of you who got something out of spending.

Conclusion: Over spending is something that many people do when they are not in touch with their limits are fulfilling an emotional need.

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