The underlying principle of the holistic health movement is that we are more than our physical bodies. At one time this was a pretty out there sort of concept – one that the average person on the street wouldn’t understand and one that would cause medical doctors to roll their eyes. Thank goodness times have changed.

It’s been a long time coming but we are finally arriving at a point when it’s acknowledged and accepted – tested and documented – that we are energetic beings just as much as we are physical beings. And as we have a physical anatomy made up of organs, glands and hormones, there exists a system of energetic equivalents comprised of our thoughts, attitudes and emotions – our energetic anatomy, if you will.

If I were to ask you what you do to take care of your physical anatomy, few of you would struggle with an answer. Most would say that you watch what you eat. Some would tell me that they go to a gym. Others would admit that they keep intending to do more than they are doing now. But everyone would accept that they should be attentive to their physical anatomy.

Now let’s turn to your energy anatomy. Let me ask you what you do on a daily basis to manage, maintain and nourish your energy, your spirit, your soul. I don’t have to use my intuition to know that too many of you are mentally uttering to yourselves, Not much.

I can’t imagine anyone these days thinking that they could eat what they wanted, drink what they wanted whilst leading a sedentary lifestyle and not expect there to be health implications stemming from those choices at some point in their life. It’s just unthinkable. You might say that it would be tantamount to playing Russian roulette.

Yet focusing on our physical anatomy to the exclusion of our energy anatomy is comparable to playing with a loaded gun, just waiting for it to go off. My question to you this week is whether you consider that you are taking good care of your energy.

When it comes to taking care of your energy, how would you describe yourself?

1. active
2. casual
3. inattentive
4. careless
5. reckless

If you’ve answered 2, 3, 4 or 5, then I hope you have one heck of a powerful rabbit’s foot because you’re going to need a lot of luck. Yes, it’s true that you might end up living a charmed, happy and healthy life. But then again, you might not. My question to you would be: why gamble? Why take the risk with so much at stake?

Becoming an energetically empowered individual doesn’t have to be a daunting task. You don’t have to move to the mountains – although I can highly recommend the benefits of life in my neck of the woods in Asturias, Spain. And you don’t have to spend hours every day sitting in the lotus position with your eyes closed chanting Om.

The first step is to commit to doing something every day and sticking to it. Spend five minutes a day, sitting upright in a chair with your eyes closed. Inhale and listen to the sound of your breath as it fills your lungs. Pause for a second. Exhale and hear the sound that the air makes as your lungs push the air out.

Don’t worry if your mind wonders, and it will. Just bring your focus back to the sound of your breathing. Do this for no more than a few minutes until you get the hang of it. For those seconds that you are concentrating on your breathing you are completely and wholly in the present moment.

The next step is, also with your eyes closed, to simply ask yourself where you are, energetically speaking. Are you stuck in the past? Are you still thinking about that painful breakup five years ago? Or are you worried about what might happen in the future? Just take a moment and feel where your energy is. I can guarantee you that you are not 100% in the here and now. This might take a bit of practice but stick with it.

Your next exercise is to pull yourself back from all the places that you have left or even sent your energy. Simply visualise your energy returning to you. Don’t make this difficult or tell yourself that you can’t do it because you can. Just see it happen and know that it is. And then, FEEL IT.

But doing this once and then never thinking about it again is about as effective as becoming a member of a gym and hoping that carrying your card around in your wallet will somehow make you magically fit. In both cases, nothing will happen. Just as with your physical health you have to take responsibility, make a commitment and stick to it.

How are you doing at managing your energy on a daily basis? Trust me, it's a question you want to be able to answer!

Every day I work with clients who have chosen to empower themselves to make the changes that they need to live a healthier and more authentic life. Through my Intuitive Life Coaching I provide one-on-one sessions to guide and inspire my clients to do it for themselves, whereas my Medical Intuitive Readings help identify the spiritual issues underlying illness. If you are ready to accept that challenge and behold the awesome potential of your own powerhouse, then let’s get started today!

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