The first step in experiencing or manifesting anything in our lives is to be clear on what it is we really want. - the word really is important here as you may or may not have yet discovered. But, how do you get clear? And how do you get to know what you really want? Begin by clearing the obstacles that prevent clarity.

The number one obstacle that keeps us from getting clear is what I call the "I don't know" syndrome -

in all my years of counseling and helping people and organizations get clear, the words I hear most often in answer to the question what do you want is I don't know do you really not know? Or do you not want to know?

I'm going to invite you today to consider stopping saying I don't know - are you game? Why? Because when we say I don't know - the brain wants to cooperate.

Suppose someone comes to your house for dinner and you don't have salt on the table. You invite them to go and get it in kitchen. But, they are thinking, "i can't find it" - our brain doesn't want to be wrong, so, even if it is sitting right in front of them, they won't see it.

If you keep saying "i don't know" - the divine intelligence in you will begin to agree. Step one to knowing what you want - is to believe you do know because there is one mind and you share that mind and it knows all things - stop saying I don't know

another reason perhaps that we don't know what we want because we've never really thought about it - most of us plan our vacations more than we do our lives. Or we live with vague wants like 'i want to be healthier,' or 'i want to win the lottery.'

Or maybe we 'don't know' because if we did know, if we made a decision and followed it through and it was 'wrong' then what - some people never make decisions because they are afraid to make a mistake and they don't realize they can change their minds.

Or perhaps "i don't know" means I don't really believe in myself: 'there's no point wanting that. I'll never get it. I remember a time in my life when money was quite scarce - I gave up wanting...The very wanting that could have caused the universe to supply what I needed.

Or if we really go for what we want we might have to leave a lot of things behind and that's scary - I know a lot of people don't get into relationship that they say they want, because they don't want to really give up the perks of being single. Or people don't get well, because they think that they won't get sympathy or support.

And then there's the person who says why bother knowing -because they have achieved things and then said- is that all there is.

Or we say I don't know because we are so caught up in doing what other's want that we've lost what we want. Notice if you are happy or sad depending upon another's happiness or misery. Or when people ask what do you want for dinner or where do you want to go you say, it does not matter... Hmm.

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From Dr. Toni LaMotta, Midlife Reinvention Specialist, Award Winning Author, Inspirational Keynote Speaker