What is greatness? This is a question we all need to spend time considering because it will be different for us all especially if discovering greatness is a journey you are thinking about taking. Let me share with you what greatness is for me.

When I think about my own greatness I think about the feeling that comes when I connect to the universal energy known as God (or Source/Creator), when I stand in complete faith and believe that whatever I have asked for will be delivered. When I pray for others and spend time making people laugh. My greatness is not one thing but a multitude of things that leave me feeling at peace, connected and always confident.

Fear and guilt can not live when my greatness is present. Scarcity and doubt stand no chance when I am connected to how great I am. I am vibrant and my natural energy (or aura) attracts people and things into my life like bees to a flower in bloom.

And the important thing to remember are the words - when I am connected - because when I turn away from Source life is not as joy filled as it usually is when greatness is present.

Worry becomes the ruler of my life, and fear about how things will turn out takes over. With worry and fear around situations in my life alter and all of a sudden life stops working out as well as it once was. Projects fall apart, money stops coming in and worry and fear begin to increase, which in turn brings more of the same.

The good news is that no matter where your life is right now, no matter how bad things have become, at any moment you can choose to turn it around with one simple thought 'I can choose to be happy despite my current circumstances.'

It was that one thought that began to turn my life around after two years of disconnecting from source to do it my way and making a complete mess of it. I awoke one morning and a voice whispered 'despite how bad you think things are you can still choose to be happy.' The simple act of choosing to be happy put me on the path of reconnecting back to everything I had turned away from.

I share that story to highlight that on your path to greatness there will be times when you turn away from what is working because you believe that you know best. Or perhaps everything is working fine and you think you are okay to do it alone, but if you are truly one who has had God in your life then He will patiently wait until you are ready to turn back to Him, and that is usually after messing everything up and landing in trouble!

The gold in this situation (because there always is a lesson to learn or gold in every situation) is that I experienced what I was like without greatness and it did not feel good. I had to experience who I do not want to be in order to know when I am experiencing who I do want to be, which is great.

What greatness means to you and why you would choose to begin the journey of discovering your greatness is something you and your Creator can answer together. It is not an easy path. Challenges will be thrown at you thick and fast as a way to heal your past and highlight how and why you limit yourself. As you heal those past events and unblock your limiting behavior your life transforms.

Discovering greatness is a journey with no end because as soon as you feel you have found the greatness within you something will happen to show you there is still more greatness to find. It is our key to continually grow and develop towards self realization.

What I can tell you is that it will change your way of being in the world. You will enjoy a continuous feeling of joy (not fleeting happiness) but true long lasting joy no matter what circumstances come your way. Your life as you know it will never be the same.

Is it time you started discovering your greatness? Who can help you with that? Once you say 'yes' to the first the answer to the second will appear.

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