You've just got to enjoy this life.

I bought a house recently, and got a pretty decent price on it. But the interesting thing is that I used to be half-owner of that house, until I gave it to one of my surrogate sons. So it's a house that I was involved in buying approximately four or five years ago.

I gave it to my son approximately two years ago, and he ended up in a situation where, in this bad economy, he needed to sell. It was a combination between me needing and wanting another property, and my son needing money. It's just ironic how these things can come together and come full circle. As they say, "What goes around comes around."

You know, usually, I have encountered this as a spiral. My son and I did business together for years in the real estate business—that's why I was part owner originally. Of course I made him a good deal in getting out, but what goes around comes around… And what you think about you bring about.

One of the big arguments we always had was that he always liked to over-fix things up. He was much into decorating and much into special cabinets, special appliances, and special fixtures—and I was always saying, "Hey, we do what it takes to sell the property in the neighborhood, and we go from there."

Well, here's the one aspect of the spiral. Of course, he did what I suggested we never do in our business. This is one of those houses that he over-fixed. Today he's selling it at a good price, and I'm the beneficiary.

This is nothing more than just a note on the way things can come back around to us. That's why we want to live every single day, perform every single act, like it might be benefitting us. Because you never know when you might be eating your own sandwiches that you prepared, right?

And this is what I wish for you—that you live every day as if it's your best, highest achievement. That you intend to put everything into life that you can, and you do.

And of course, it's a world of cause and effect—what you put in, you get back out. You just never can tell the exact manner it will happen.

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