I am not a politician as I said before; however, I still have a few concerns.

In a few articles, I wrote about finances, scams, what the new year will bring, or How the Federal Reserve Bank cutting short-term interest will further hurt consumers. Of course, my article about Federal Reserve short-term rate cuts was published in April 2008 and posted on some sites. However, my concerns remain.

Let’s look at this election from another view. I live and do business in the “DEEP SOUTH”, where the white supremacy is ruling in its hidden form, yet clearly visible when leaving city limits. During the past eight (8) years, not only my life but also the life of so many people whom I came in contact with, has been very much impacted by bad government and its policies. So many homeowners have been forced out of their homes, because of the banks and mortgage brokers’ deceptions; however, instead of the banks being punished, the consumers have been, by first being foreclosed then, using taxpayers/consumers’ (including the foreclosed homeowners’) money to bail–out the same banks that cheated consumers. And, let's not forget the many flaws in the bailout plan. To add insult to injury, yesterday, the government announced that the number of bankruptcy in October 2008 was over 146,000, up drastically from months before. Yet, the same rednecks that have been losing their shirts and sleep (hurting financially), still believe “Bush” is doing a great job. Yet, some of these rednecks who also needed my help, could not understand a word I was saying because, they were truly following a “Fable” without thoughts/analysis. If that is not blind loyalty then, what is? At no time, did most of these people think about the fact that their paychecks/income got cut, gas prices and therefore, the price of any item they have been purchasing increased because of their own mistakes of the previous election.

The past 8 years have impacted so many systems/areas to the extent that cries of injustice and flawed rulings could be heard from state level courts all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Still, the blinds remain dumb. They cannot see how terrible Bush has done that caused nearly fifty-five percent (55%) of voting Americans, to not have only picked an African -American candidate with no experience (too bad for the KKK and the Deep South-White Supremacist) but also caused more Democratic public officials to be elected to the Senate, Congress and even some of the representatives at state-levels. Some still do not get it.

To give you an example, a month ago, I received:
"Mike most of the Godly ministers and folk I know believe God was in the choosing of Vice President Sarah as a running mate. "

Here is what I think:
1. Possibly "God" doesn’t want McCain to win
2. "Most of the Godly ministers and folk" you know must be dreaming.

I guess "GOD" is not siding with your "most of the Godly ministers."

Again, this article is not meant to have any political view or be discriminatory, but to emphasize how horribly “Bush” has cheated you because, you let him. I hope you would not repeat the same (no matter who you supported). But for now, THE WORST IS YET TO COME.

With love, respect and best regards.
Mike Samadi

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