“WELL, EXCUSE ME!” did I hear you say? “What’s in my journal? That’s getting mighty personal right off the bat this Monday morning, isn’t it?”

But, more likely you’re saying: “Uh, journal? … What journal?”

So my question isn’t really that nosey. My guess is that you don’t have or keep a journal. You might jot down some notes and thoughts now and then but that’s probably the extent of it. And that’s perfectly alright.

But if you are a seeker of mega-success and really want to gain clarity and ways to make significant changes in your life at warp speed, I want to recommend and encourage you to begin journaling, every day.

It’s not easy to do, at first. Like any other success habit, journaling becomes easier each day you do it. And eventually, when you get the habit, you’ll wonder why you haven’t always kept a journal.

I didn’t always keep a journal. Like you I got caught up in other activities that distracted me or that I thought were a priority over Documenting My Life.

Ah-ha! Those are three powerful words. Documenting My Life. Read them to yourself again. As a matter of fact, read them aloud. Trust me; it’s far more powerful when you actually hear yourself say… Documenting My Life.

Once I established in my own heart and mind that my life, my thoughts, my successes, my failures and my cumulative experiences were worth documenting, worth taking the time for me to put down on paper, I got really jazzed.

And once I started the process, I didn’t want to stop. I never want to stop, nor will I.

In the spirit of the personal question I asked at the start of this FYI, I want to share with you some of the reasons I personally find daily journaling so powerful. My hope is that in sharing these, you might be compelled and inspired to start recording your life.

Here are 16 Sweet Reasons why I journal.

  1. It gives clarity to my thoughts.
  2. It reinforces my goals.
  3. It provides personal accountability.
  4. I get to live triumphant moments more than once.
  5. It’s cathartic.
  6. It gives my life a deeper purpose and meaning.
  7. My kids can read it when I’m gone and learn from my successes and failures.
  8. Its part of my legacy.
  9. It’s a stress reliever and decompressor.
  10. I can look back and see my personal growth.
  11. It forces me to think.
  12. I get to listen to my inner-voice.
  13. It motivates me.
  14. It fosters creativity.
  15. It keeps me real and true to self.
  16. It’s cheaper than psychotherapy.

A word about this last point. Although you may think #16 is funny, it’s actually quite true.

I’m not opposed to counseling or psychotherapy. I’ve been through a bit of it myself. (How’s that for sharing personal stuff). And maybe, out of that experience and out of journaling, I’ve come to believe that, most of the time, we each know intuitively, in our hearts, what we need to do.

FYI ACTION IDEA: I believe there is amazing power in listening to your own inner-voice and going with your gut. No one knows you better than you. Your hardest job is to stop listening to other people’s opinions, stop believing your own crap (oops, I meant lies) and start doing what you know you should do to take control of your life.

Yet, most people, (not you of course) will do what they’ve always done … get what they always got … and complain that life is unfair. Cut it out NOW!

FYI IDEA IN ACTION: You have the unequivocal and the unlimited potential to write the story of your life any way you chose. You can journal about your distant past and your more recent history, but you can also journal about your future.

That’s the power of journaling. When you write in your journal you are remembering events of the day, you are re-living them and seeing them in your mind’s eye like a mini-movie.

But you’re also doing more. You’re weighing and evaluating what’s on your mind and setting down a path you can chose to follow to a better future.

It’s magical. Because of journaling I have a much deeper and greater appreciation for people and events. As I’m documenting my day, I have the privilege to watch it again as if I’m a spectator of my own life. It gives me tremendous perspective and allows me the opportunity to reflect again, almost real-time. What’s cool is that it’s as if I’m watching myself as I am typing and that little bit of time and distance provides both perspective and real insight, bringing me closer to the experience.

So now, I ask you, will you take me up on an offer? I want to invite you to join me in journaling and –

Document YOUR Life. Try it for the next 30 days. Just open up a Word.doc on your computer (or go the old fashioned writing instrument and paper route) and “journal” something at the end of each day. Or sleep on it and journal in the quiet of the morning the day after. Put the date down and reflect on the day.

It’s Your journal. You can record as little as a phrase, a thought, or someone’s gesture that struck you funny. Do it your way. Spelling and grammar don’t necessarily count. Don’t think of it as work. See and seize the opportunity. You might find that you become so immersed in the journaling process that you lose track of time and just keep documenting.

I’ve grown to love writing my journal as much as I love exercising. It’s cathartic, it’s cleansing and it helps give me a deeper understanding into a Very Important Person — me. And if I have a vehicle to help become the best me, I can then be the best for the people I love the most.

And that’s something to consider.

Go Out and Make This Your Best Year Ever!

Author's Bio: 

Eric Taylor is the Chief Inspiration Officer of SelfGrowth.com and founder of New Jersey based Empowerment Group International. He delivers more than 100 energized and interactive keynotes, workshops and seminars each year to corporations, associations and tradeshows. He is the author of the Energy Passport, Co-creator of the Best Year Ever! Success System and Co-author of The Complete Sales Training Encyclopedia. To get complete details about Eric’s background, his products and services, visit Eric Taylor’s Blog and review Eric Taylor’s Profile.