If you knew what the major obstacle to your own success was, would you do something about it? Why do so many Christians struggle to make ends meet while God so clearly promises that we shall have a full and abundant life? (John 10: 10)

You may not realize it, but your miracle depends on who you are! When God delivered the Israelites from Egypt, He could have led them directly into the Promised Land, a journey of eleven days! (Deut. 1: 2)

The reason He had them go the long way through the Red Sea was because He knew that they were not ready to face giants. The Israelites had acquired a slave mentality in Egypt. They had no idea how to come up against obstacles in their lives. All they knew was that, if they had tried to rebel against their masters, they would have been severely punished. Consequently, they were filled with fear. They would have preferred returning to the familiar slavery rather than fighting an enemy they did not know! (Ex. 13: 17)

The exodus from Egypt was a miracle beyond comprehension. Yet, they did not have the faith to believe God’s promises. He provided them with all the food they needed every single day. He led their way with a cloud by day and fire at night, and protected them throughout their journey. Still their faith did not increase! In fact; they rebelled and their heart was still in the land of slavery.

After considerable time in the desert, they were finally led to the portion of the land occupied by the Philistine. There the Lord instructed Moses to send out twelve spies, each one representing a tribe. Two spies returned with glowing reports. Joshua and Caleb were enthused about a very fertile, prosperous land that they could easily conquer. They reported that:

“If the lord delight in us, then He will bring us into this land, and give it us; a land which floweth with milk and honey.” (Num 14: 8)

They saw everything with the eyes of faith, knowing that just as the Lord had led them personally thus far, He would lead them into their promise!

The other ten spies only saw the negatives. They looked at the physical stature of the present inhabitants and their own physical ability. They saw themselves as small as grasshoppers and even assumed that the enemy perceived them that way as well! They were filled with fear!

Fear is the very opposite of faith, and it is a sin because without faith you cannot please God! God had said that the battle was His, that He would be the One to lead them and that they would possess the land. He had proved Himself to them through many miracles.

It cost those ten spies and all adults of every tribe, except for Caleb and Joshua, the Promised Land. That was because they had seen the glory of God and His miracles, yet did not listen to His voice! (Num. 14: 21) God did not pity them for their past experiences! He had given them a new life and a new hope!

Have you received the greatest miracle, salvation? God’s Promise for you is that He will give you the desires of your heart. (Ps. 37: 4) He will lead you to your destiny, through every obstacle that may present itself along the way, and make you victorious! He doesn’t want you to look back. He has empowered you to be strong and courageous through His Holy Spirit!

“Now faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.” (Rom. 10: 17) The more you hear Spirit-filled faith-filled preachers open up the Word of God, the more your faith will be honed. The same holds true if you speak faith-inspiring Scripture verses out loud over your personal situation. Eventually, when you do it regularly, that Word becomes a revelation! Once that happens, you know that you know that you have received that which you have asked God for!

So, what is the major obstacle to your success? Replace your fears of the unknown, uncertainty and “I don’t know how” with: “God said it; I believe it; that settles it!”

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Ann Stewart is author of With Wings As Eagles,
an inspirational story of unwavering faith in God's Word and answered prayer.

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