There are basically three ways you can make earn money. The first one is to work for it – this is the most common and “preferred” method of gaining financial stability, but it also happens to be the slowest. Working for somebody only makes that individual richer, while you receive the same pay every month and find new ways to break your back, that you may “try” to impress somebody that doesn't give a damn. The second way is to steal – here you don't have to work the long grueling hours for a selfish prick, and cash comes by pretty easy and quick (depending on what you rob).

But this is an illegal means of getting a quick buck, and the odds of you hitting the slammer for the rest of your life is very high. You also face the “bullet-in-ass” risk, something you don't wanna take – so what's the third way of earning money? That would be having the cash work for you, but how? This is done through investing – which is pretty much self-explanatory. What you do here is invest your dough into a “median” which will give you back your money with interest. Investing gives you passive income, this means that you get paid by the investment you made while you do anything you want.

If you manage to make it good here, you won't have to ever work for anybody ever again – you get to do whatever you want to do, and become your own boss, interested? Well if you are, listen closely: I'll be giving you some “options” in which you could decide where to invest your money. The first type of investment you could try is real estate investing – here you could invest in a house for example. What you do here is buy a house that needs a “make-over”. Fix any damage done to it, paint it, remodel, or whatever is necessary.

Then you sell it at a higher price (which include the expenses incurred for renovation), and then you reap the profits. Be warned though, it ain't that simple: there are a lot of factors to take into consideration, so doing some research about it is advised. Another thing you can try is the stock market. This works “faster” then real estate, because you pool your money on stocks and mutual funds (moves faster than houses), which in turn can get you loads of cash quick. But there's also a great deal of risk to take here, so find out more about the company you have plans on investing in.

Lastly, you can try online investing, which is considered by many to be the most convenient of all, why? Because all transactions here can be done with a computer from your house. The traders can research, buy, sell, and make money off their investments over the net, so there's no need of leaving the comfort of your room. But doing so will require amounts of education (plenty if you don't know anything about operating a computer or the net). The same goes for the other types of investment. So if you're still interested in putting your money to better use, and ready to quit busting your butt to make somebody else rich, then start learning more about this – the income you deserve is waiting.

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The author of this article Rick Goldfeller is an underground Financial Analyst who has been successfully running campaigns for several wealthy clients. Rick finally decided to go public and share his knowledge and experience through his website You can sign up for his free newsletter and join his coaching program.