The author prepared a book for you. It is titled:

"Bad Things Happen to Good People. Your Credit = Your Life, Fix It Now!"

Some of the topics discuses in this book are:

A. Avoid Collection, Evictions, Foreclosures and Judgment
B. Credit Management and Repair
C. Debt management and Reorganization
D. Fraud Protection and Identity Theft
E. Obtaining the Best Credit Cards and Loans
F. Recover from Bankruptcy
G. Resolve Taxes owed and Tax-preparer scams
H. Issues regarding Sub-Prime Interest rates.

There are other topics related to the issues of credit repair and credit management.
Those are:

As far as your financial affairs are concerned, What to do before, during or after
A. engagement?
B. marriage?
C. separation?
D. divorce?
E. death of loved ones?

This book is on its second edition. You must pick up a copy of this book and use the knowledge-base in your favor. It is accompanied by a CD which contains helpful hints for credit card, loan and taxes. There are other files for demand letter-writing techniques, demand letters, forms, and schedules.

The author also prepared a second book, titled:

"Saving Your Money"
This provides numerous money saving techniques with especial emphasizes on credit cards and loans, Good-Debt, Bad Debt, College Planning, Retirement Planning, shopping tricks and much more.

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Author's Bio: 

Although Mike Samadi taught colleges and universities in the area of computer programming and engineering, his desire in life has been to teach all those who have a willingness and need to learn. He initiated his design and development of application software packages as he planned to leave the institution of higher learning to teach those privileged to become advisor to those less fortunate with greatest needs. Meanwhile, he took on the task of assisting others with their credit management and repair, which blossomed into a full time obsession. He learned this trade from the experiences passed down from his generation to his father who studies economics and has been multi-milliner real-estate investor for nearly fifty (50) years. Although this was a part time interest to him but it grow to become his passion. Therefore, it developed to something big especially when he literally got burned out of his projects. At that time, his direction in life had changed and he became consumer advocate and extended his effort in credit management and repair advisory. As a result of nearly 12 years of doing so, the consumers who received assistance from him and became friends persuaded him to write a book about the credit and money management matters.
Thus far (in the past year), he authored two (2) books, one that is called:
“Bad Things Happen to Good People. Your Credit = Your Life, Fix It Now!” which is in its second edition.
The second book is called, “Saving Your Money.” Both of these books touch areas giving consumers access to gain knowledge and experiences needed to overcome their problems.
While he is nearly completed of his third book, "Consumer Advocacy," Friends and scholars alike have urged him to write a book on his short but fulfilled life.
You should also visit the website at to find out more and fix your credit.
His believes in: "More is Lost by Indecision than by Bad Decision", "Knowledge is Wealth", "Ask and you shall receive" among others.