My logic and faith in the wisdom and justice of the Divine is that all religions have equal access to the one and only Divine Being.

I believe that after leaving the physical body the virtuous Christian and the virtuous Jew will keep company with the virtuous Moslem, Buddhist and Hindu as well as with the virtuous atheist.

What is of more importance, the name that we call God,
or the purity with which we seek?
Does God have a religion?
What religion does "He-She-It" belong to?

I believe that there is only one God and "He-SheˆIt" is Love and that Love is the essence of all religions.

However, being born a Christian,
I wonder the following:

Am I really a Christian?
What makes one a Christian?

What I claim or my heart‚s purity?
My birth or my conscience?
My Baptism or my behavior?

Then I thought, "A Christian is a person who seeks to put in practice Christ‚s teachings and example.
Subsequently I brought to mind his teachings and concluded that in order to be a Christian I would need to:

* Love others as I love myself.

* Love others as Christ loves me.

* Love even those who seek to do me harm.

* Not have any anxiety concerning tomorrow, having faith that if I work for the benefit of the whole, all my needs will be cared for as are those of the birds and lilies of the field.

* Remember that God exists in each being, in the poor, ill, imprisoned, orphans, refugees and all others and serve them in anyway that I can.

* Share my resources and belongings with those in need thus freeing up my spiritual wealth.

* Realize that the satisfaction and abundance I am seeking are within me.

* Never do to others what I would not like them to do to me.

* Abandon my personal life and unite with my fellow beings just as the first Christians in communal life.

* Never criticize or condemn others but rather seek to understand and overcome my own weaknesses.

* Have trust that God loves me unconditionally and that if I ask, I will be given what I need unless it is my greater benefit not to have what I am asking for.

* Forgive others regardless of their actions and repetitive mistakes.

* Understand and employ the power of fasting and prayer.

* Remember that our destiny is to live in harmony and unity with our fellow beings.

* Realize that my purpose is to use my talents, intelligence, abilities and virtues to create a more harmonious world.

* Remember that I could leave my body at any time and thus live in such a way so that I am without regrets or pending matters whenever I leave.

* Remember that I am the Temple of God and that the Divine lives in me.

* Realize that the Kingdom of God is within me and nowhere else.

* Realize that by following Christ‚s guidelines I will discover the Truth that will set me free from me ignorance.

* Gradually absorb the truth that we are all divine and that our destiny is Theosis or to become like God through the perfection of our innate virtues.

* Believe that Christ is an incarnation of the Divine.

* Believe in his resurrection from death.

* Love God with all my power, mind, heart and soul.

* Live with love.

I suspect you could add many more qualities of a Christian.

Then I thought, "so, am I a Christian or not?"

An answer came from within.
"It is my goal and I am in the process."

Being a Christian, Moslem, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu or even a conscious Atheist is an
ongoing process of seeking to experience our true spiritual self and manifesting it through love, truth, peace, service, right action and selflessness.

Be well ˆ Be Happy
We are Goodness itself.

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