Emotional Sound Techniques

What IF?

What if something you loved very much just broke? The
first thing you would do is to see if you had the tools in your toolbox and the parts to fix it. You would be relieved to find you had the right tools, the manual and parts. You would even find time in your busy schedule to fix it.

This theory makes sense to the logical mind. So let’s assume that the “thing” that broke is you or someone you love. What if you had a tool box that contained all of the needed tools; the manual (map), the instructions to fix it (techniques) and the tools (tips of your own fingers, tuning forks and crystals)? More importantly you had the desire to fix it.

The Manual to fix the person (Map)

The map of where to fix it was first identified by the Chinese and is widely used throughout the world and is known as the meridian system. They identified certain meridian points that are connected to various key parts of the body. It has recently been discovered that the ICE man, who we know is a human who lived fifty eight hundred years ago, was treating himself with some form of acupressure. It has also been theorized that the Meridian system is the first system formed in the body; even before the organs.

The Tools to fix the person (Tips of your fingers, tuning forks and crystals)

Details of tapping or applying pressure with your fingers on the meridian system can be found in self treatment acupressure books at every major bookstore and at Amazon.com. these books identify the acupressure points that will treat almost every physical and emotional imbalance. The website, www.the-tree-of-life.com, has the most comprehensive information about spiritual imbalances. The tips of our fingers have electric and magnetic qualities and produce sound and light when we tap or rub points on our body; we carry the tools in our hands.

The building blocks of our body are sound and light and the map is the meridian system. The most holistic of all sounds is the OM frequency of 136.10 Hz. When this sound is applied with a tuning fork to any point on the body, our innate wisdom begins to bring the body into balance. The enormous effect of crystals on biology has been researched and proven by Professor Emeritus Dr. William A. Tiller. Crystals act somewhat like light from a laser. The synergy of the sound of the tuning fork run through a crystal on very specific points creates an amplified stimulation. Sound and light frequencies are used in modern medicine in Medicine”. Although we think it is new, most ancient ultrasound, MRI’s, lasers and the new field of “Light cultures used sound and light to heal. It has also been proven that compassion and forgiveness improve immune function and you do not need a prescription for these emotions.

Energy Psychology is a term that is like and umbrella that includes many variation of the same basic technique. There are points that are used in Energy Psychology, also know as Emotional Freedom Techniques, that when a stimulus is applied, can instantly relieve anger, anxiety, pain and even serious chronic illnesses. The stimulus can be by tapping, sound, needles or light. Attention Deficit, facial tics and Tourette Syndrome respond remarkably well to these modalities. We know that there is a direct link between negative emotions and physical illness.

Instructions to fix the person (Techniques)

Energy Psychology is actually acupressure treatments for the emotional body. These techniques work with electrical, magnetic and several other form of stimulation on the meridian points. It is recommended that you receive some form of professional training before using electrical or magnetic stimulations. The stimulating of the points by tapping with our fingers or using tuning forks and crystals is very easily learned. Educating ourselves is very possible when it only involves tapping or tuning forks and crystals. A free eighty page manual of Emotional Freedom Techniques is available at www.emofree.com and a free 90 page manual of Emotional Sound Techniques is available on my site. Videos on YouTube are available with two minute lessons for changing almost every physical and emotional problem. Children as young as four teach each other to do this in their preschool class. If you type in three letters “EFT” on the internet, you could spend days learning the many ways people are using the meridian points. The meridian systems and points are truly a “Gift from God”. EFT with tuning forks can also be found on YouTube and on this site. It makes sense to use the building blocks of what we are made of to fix ourselves instead of taking harmful chemicals to fix our bodies. Stimulating meridian points actually release beneficial chemicals that are naturally manufactured in our brain such as endorphins. Energy Psychology deals in emotions and belief systems that can block us from reaching our full potential. The pioneers in this field are so generous that most of them have placed what they have learned on their websites; they have made it available to you at no cost.

One of the best techniques I have discovered in my eight years in this field is available to you at no cost at www.besetfreefast.com. Dr. Larry Nimms Ph.D. has spent his entire life dedicated to accessing the emotional roots and beliefs that limit us and reveals how to use the subconscious in ways never before imagined. I call it the “superhighway” of Energy Psychology.

I highly recommend that, if you would like to take charge of your health and emotions, you begin with a weighted OHM tuning fork (136.10 Hz), a crystal and the information available to you at no cost as noted above. If you are going to treat others for something that might be serious, you should learn a simple way to muscle test. I also suggest that if you intend to treat others with the tuning forks and crystals, that you study the Emotional Sound Techniques workbook and become aware of the contraindication page first. This workbook is available for a free download in this website.

The more we become aware of our own power to heal ourselves, the more we will trust our inner wisdom. Keep your tool box handy, don’t leave home without it.

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