The first thing that come to the people's mind, Chi is energy and building concepts around energy instead of Chi. Now, the question comes to is "energy" a translation or a definition. However, if Chi is translated as energy, then, the explanation will be based on energy and the true meaning of Chi will be lost in the translation.

According to ancient Chinese thought, Chi was the primal substance which constitute the universe; and all matters were produced by the changes and movement of Chi. In modern science, by the above definition, Chi is equivalent to an atom or molecule.

In traditional Chinese medicine, Chi denotes both the essential substance of the human body which maintain its vital activities, and the functional activities of the organs and tissues. Thus, all vital activities of the human body are explained by the changes and movement of Chi. In this case, Chi is analogous to the body cell in modern science.

What is Chi Kung...???
Let's look at Chi in Chi Kung. The character Chi by itself is air. Since Chi Kung is learning how to breathe more efficiently, therefore, we cannot say Chi Kung is an air method. Then, we must conclude that Chi means breathing here. Kung is a method to be cultivated to its perfection. Hence, Chi Kung is an effective breathing method to be cultivated to its perfection.

Many people have breathing problems causing oxygen debt. Many slow illnesses were developed due to lack of oxygen. What Chi Kung does is to correct the breathing problem. After the breathing problem has been corrected, the slow illnesses are gone. Indeed, the human body has the capability of self healing by the white blood cells and cell division by the cell respiration process.

In Chi Kung, the breathing method helps to provide a maximum volume of oxygen to the body cell to carry out its function and produce sufficient amount of red and white blood cells. With oxygen debt, the body cell cannot carry out its function and become damaged. The damaged cells are cancerous cells and to be removed by the white cells. However, if there are not enough white blood cells to fight off the cancerous cells, the cancerous cells will continue to build up.

Author's Bio: 

James Lee had been practiced Tai Chi and Chi Kung for more than thirty years. He strongly believes that there should be a more succinct explanation of Chi Kung. He is trying to integrate modern science with the ancient concepts about Chi Kung.