Theta Healing is a system of healing that creates transformational changes at a cellular level. It can heal both the physical body and the subconscious mind, instantly. It creates miracle healing.

We create our lives based on the feelings and beliefs we hold in our subconscious mind. What we attract to us is dependant on what the expectations of the subconscious mind is. What we believe consciously is quite different to what is in the unconscious mind. In fact we are completely unaware of more than 90% of the beliefs that are in our unconscious mind. Theta Healing works by identifying what is held in the subconscious mind and changing it, where appropriate, to a belief that supports a healthy, joyful life.

How can Theta Healing help me? If there is any area of your life that you are not 100% happy with then there is a system of beliefs that does not support you. By identifying the beliefs and making changes to them you can completely transform your life. For example, if in your subconscious mind you believe you deserve to suffer or to be punished then you will attract to you suffering and punishment. Once these beliefs are changed your life changes as you learn to attract good things to you.

What beliefs can I change? Any beliefs about yourself in all areas of your life can be changed. Areas people like to work with are self esteem, relationships, money, prosperity, career, love, stress, health, spirituality, self development.

How do I know what beliefs I hold? Muscle testing is used to identify what beliefs are held. When the mind believes something it becomes strong. When the mind does not believe something then the body becomes weak. There are different muscles that can be used to do this testing.

Why do I need to create feelings in the body? There are cell receptors in the body that are open or closed to certain feelings depending on your experiences. Some people have shut down their ability to feel their feelings, perhaps due to events in early childhood. With Theta Healing these cell receptors can be reopened allowing you to be able to feel such things as joy, love, happiness, optimism. It is also possible to close down the cell receptors that are open to such things as worry, stress, guilt, shame, disappointment, etc.

How can Theta Healing heal the physical body? What happens in the physical body is a reflection of what is happening in the mind. By identifying what beliefs are creating the DIS-EASE in the body, the source of the illness can be identified and changed. This allows the body to heal, in some cases instantly. For example, certain back problems are created by feeling unsupported by friends, or family or work colleagues. By working with beliefs in this area then for some people immediate healings take place.

How was Theta Healing Discovered? In 1995 Vianna Stibal had been doing healing and clairvoyant readings for several years. It was when she was at a family gathering and an aunt became ill that Vianna made her first healing with the technique now used by thousands of Theta Healers worldwide. By connecting to the creative source energy of the Universe and commanding a healing Vianna became an observer whilst her aunt was healed. She watched as her aunts stomach ache healed. She then went on using the same technique to cure herself from serious illness, instantly.

How does Theta Healing Work? Theta Healing works by the Practitioner connecting to the Source energy of the Universe, commanding a healing and observing it taking place. To connect to this source energy a Theta Healer is taught how to go into the Theta Brain wave state in just a few seconds. Usually this brain wave state is associated with a deep meditative state. However, Theta Healers are trained to tap into this energy to access the space of creation. It is whilst in this Theta brain wave state that healing takes place.

This article is prepared by Jill Miller an Advanced Theta Healing Teacher and Practitioner of Intuitive Anatomy and can be contacted at or email

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Jill Miller is an Advanced Teacher of Theta Healing and a practitiner of Intuitive Anatomy.