Have you ever stopped to think about what your life purpose is?

Whether you want to call it a ‘life purpose’ or not, we all have a set of values or things that we are passionate about, that when followed, bring us increased joy and happiness. These values are the fundamental bedrock of who we are. So if we know what these values are, we can start to build a life around them, thereby increasing our overall happiness and joy. It’s only when our lives are in conflict to these values that we become discontented and unhappy.

Unfortunately, our values get covered up early on in life, when our parents, teachers or friends tell us that ‘you’ll never be able to do that’, ‘you’re just not clever enough’ or ‘you can’t do that, it’s far too expensive’. We take these limitations to be the limitations of the world and our lives drift dramatically off course, we then wonder how we came to be in the situation we’re in.

Generally, if an area of your life isn’t working, like a job or relationship it’s often because it’s off balance with your values.

So, do you know what your values are in life?... No?…

Don’t worry, most people don’t!

When you find your passion, your values and ultimately your purpose, things naturally fall into place and you suddenly feel like you’re not swimming against the current any more. Things flow smoothly, things fall into place effortlessly and life becomes enjoyable and easy!

I want to share with you how to set about finding your passion, your values and your purpose.

Are you ready?

Firstly, you need to find out what it is in life that brings you joy. Once you have figured out what brings you joy, you’ll have a major insight into your purpose.

Set some time aside right now to make a list of 6 experiences that have brought you joy or happiness within the last 6 months.

You really need to take some time to think about this, it’s important to think of all the things big and small that have given you that wonderful warm feeling inside.

Here’s a guide to help you create your list:

·Think of things that you naturally enjoy doing when left to your own devices, things that you don’t need any motivation or inspiration to do.

·You should look forward to indulging yourself in activities that are orientated around your values, you feel inspired and motivated to do them and you do them without any effort.

·If it’s something in line with your values, you probably did it as a child, so if you enjoy entertaining in your spare time you probably loved showing off, dancing, singing in front of your aunties when you were young.

·It’s something you are naturally interested in; it’s that specialist magazine or book you always look forward to reading or a pastime you always look forward to doing.

·Time flies when you’re doing something in line with your values.

·You feel fulfilled and relaxed when you’re in line with your values, not stressed and anxious.

Now you’ve got your list of 6 experiences, you need to work out what underlying value you’re getting from each experience.

To give you an idea let me share with you each of my 6 experiences and their underlying values:

1) Waking up and not having to do anything I don’t want too = Freedom
2) Feeling like I’m making a difference in someone’s life = Achievement
3) Someone saying ‘Thank you’ = Appreciation
4) Reading a fab book and learning new things = Inspiration
5) Meditating and finding ‘me time’ as well as family time = Harmony
6) Have a picnic with my family = Love and security

So, now you have worked out your 6 values, ask yourself what areas of your life are in conflict to them currently. Is it not enough ‘me time’ or is it being in a job where no one ever says ‘Thank you’. Once you know where the conflicts lie, you can set about doing something about them.

Okay, getting back to finding your life purpose. Your purpose is always something that aligns with all 6 of your values.

Now here’s the killer question… Is there something within your list of experiences that you could make a living from doing?

Don’t panic if the answer doesn’t come. I’m just trying to open your mind to new possibilities, because it is possible to make a living out of something you want to do! It might mean making some changes to your life or even retraining, but where the mind goes, the body will follow! It all starts with that one thought, that one decision.

If nothing springs to mind, quiet reflection and meditating is a great way to open your mind to receiving new possibilities. One great trick I did (and still do) was to write on post-it notes ‘Dear Universe, please show me what my life purpose is, something that will inspire me and bring me happiness’ and I stuck them on my bathroom mirror, next to my bed and even placed them under my pillow! If you were to come to my house now you wouldn’t have to look far to find a yellow post-it note! Sounds crazy, but science has proven that constant reminders programme the subconscious to look for possibilities even when the brain is not actively thinking about it.

It took some time, but the answer came and not necessarily in the way I imagined. But it came. And when it came, I knew there was going to be some radical changes in my life.

Start living your life in line with your passions, your values and your purpose and I promise your life will come a joy to live!

Author's Bio: 

My name is Louise and I'm a life coach with a specific interest in spirituality and the law of attraction. To find out more visit my website at http://www.thegameoflife.co.uk