It’s true. “The wealthy get rich doing what they love.”
The wealthy have earned their riches because they know and do things differently than most people.

What is it that EVERY wealthy person knows which most people don’t know?

The wealthy know two things: first, you need to be the best at what you do to command higher rates; and, second, you need to work hard to become the best.

Psychologists have said for years that it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to become an expert. There are NO SHORT CUTS to becoming an expert; but, it is your choice to invest 10,000 hours over 15 years or in just 15 months.

To become an expert, you need a system to help you accelerate your learning. ProfiTornado™ is that system.

During a recent interview, Tony Bodoh, President of Tony Bodoh International stated, “I created ProfiTornado as a way to teach thirty of the most powerful lessons that I have learned in the course of my professional career. I am now sharing these lessons with the world to accelerate individual growth. I believe that only when individuals reach new levels of success, can they effectively have a significant positive impact on the company they work for.”

ProfiTornado™ will teach you: - how to DISCOVER your passion; - how to RELEASE your passion; and, - how to PROFIT from your passion

This 30-lesson program is designed for those who are serious about becoming more successful.

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ProfiTornado™ is 30-lesson training program that changes how you think. You will improve your thinking and your results. You will benefit. Your company will benefit.

In the ProfiTornado™ program, Bodoh reveals to you the same techniques that helped him build a portfolio of more than $5 billion of process improvement and business optimization projects. Bodoh’s success was built while working with public companies, start ups and expanding businesses in a variety of industries.

Combining elements of psychology, neuroscience, organizational behavior, operations improvement, and success principles, this program focuses on changing the thinking which underlies every process.

“Unlike most two day shot-in-the arm management trainings, this program grows every employee through a long tail infusion of knowledge,” stated Bodoh.

What you get when you sign up for ProfiTornado™:

30 VIDEO LESSONS, each lesson teaches a principle critical for your success;

30 EXERCISES to embed the principles in your mind and body;

Daily JOURNAL to use for the rest of your life in which you celebrate the good things in your life and plan for even greater success (downloadable);

Professionally designed PERSONAL VISION BOARD that depicts the 7 aspects of the person (downloadable);

Professionally designed ORGANIZATIONAL VISION BOARD that show the 7 focal points of every organization (downloadable);

Community FORUM to share wins and receive the support of a community of like-minded individuals;

Email ACCESS to Tony Bodoh, creator of ProfiTornado™ or one of his coaches.

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*** ProfiTornado™ now has an AFFILIATE PROGRAM. Choose the “Affiliate” link at the end of the course description.

*** Guaranteed Success with Live Coaching

Bodoh and his coaching team have a limited number of openings for customized corporate and executive coaching starting at $1,000 per hour.

Results are guaranteed after the first hour or your money will be refunded.

For more information and a free 15-minute assessment contact Tony Bodoh International by calling 877-826-2521 or emailing tony(at)

Author's Bio: 

Tony Bodoh is an expert coach who specializes in aligning an organization’s operations and culture in the service industry. He has a portfolio of alignment projects with financial results ranging from $10 million to over $1 billion. Through projects focused on customer satisfaction and loyalty Bodoh has produced results with double and triple digit improvement in critical scores. Tony Bodoh’s Specialties: Application of Lean and Theory of Constraints principles in service industry.