For Valentine's week, all the news shows and magazines are talking about ways to Rekindle the Romance and keep your love life hot. Well, I'm not a romance and relationship expert but I do believe in the power and importance of loving what you do for a living. So I figured, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

I've taken 5 fun strategies for rekindling your relationship and put a playful business spin on them. So, if you've lost that lovin' feeling for the work you do, here are 5 simple strategies to bring back the passion.

1. Remember why you fell in love with this business or career in the first place. Reminisce about what drew you to this kind of work and all the parts of it that you truly loved when you were looking at this path with star-crossed eyes. Then really focus on what you do love about what you do.

2. Show your work some appreciation. Over time it's easy to get bogged down with things that we wish were different. To get mired in details, to do's, meetings and problem solving. The surest way to turn that around is with a dose of gratitude and appreciation. For this week, take time to note everything you are grateful for about your work and/or business. What do you really appreciate about what you do?

3. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Are you working too much? Is work on your mind 24/7? Too much closeness can kill even the best of relationships. It might be time to take a break--a real, completely disconnected break from work. Focus on refreshing and renewing yourself. Heck, focus on anything but work and when you return, you'll see your work-life through completely new eyes.

4. Bring the FUN back. Usually when we first take on a new challenge or business we are having fun. It's new, it's fresh, it's exciting and we can't wait to get to work. But over time we grow very serious. After all…business can feel like serious business, right?! It might be time to bring some fun into the mix. Add an element of surprise. Do something totally unexpected. Take a leap of faith. Take a risk. Take a day off to go play. Play fun music and dance at work. Do whatever it takes to bring the fun back. If it isn't a little bit fun anymore, what's the point?

5. Let others in to your relationship. Ok, so this one may go against conventional relationship advice. But it works well for work and business! Sometimes, when the fun stops, we stop connecting to others and withdraw. While bringing other people into your relationship may not always be best for your love life, in your work and business it can be a lifesaver! Brainstorming with other Entrepreneurs or colleagues can be the key to getting you reinvigorated about the work you're doing and get your creative juices flowing. So invite some friends to have a fun brainstorming session with you.

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