I’m going to share with you a few important tips to marketing an online business and making it a success. You have your business idea and you have a business plan, now you want to know the best way to marketing an online business.

If you follow these beginning tools, you will have built a foundation in which you can triple the income you are now making. If you’re in the category of zero income then these tools can start producing income for you soon after you implement them.

Build a list of targeted prospects

You want to start to build a list of targeted people that are interested in your business. All you need is their e-mail address and first name. Growing this list is priceless. Once you have this list you have gathered interested people who have some attraction in your online business.

There are a few ways to gain this information.

1. Offer a free newsletter
2. Offer a survey that takes their name and e-mail address
3. An opt-in box when they arrive on your site that gives them access to something free if they register their e-mail.

Marketing your on Line Business with a Newsletter

Offering a newsletter can be a wonderful way to gather prospects and keep in touch with them on a regular basis. People may go to your web site once like it, not have time to really go through it and have the best of intentions to return and they most likely forget.

With a monthly or weekly newsletter you can remind your visitors of your web site along with letting them know what is new this month. If you have a new product to launch you can include links back to your web site where your products are.

My recommendation is to offer something of value in each newsletter so people will open it and share it with their friends as well. This will also help you to build confidence with your new prospects. They will see what you have to offer by giving them a sample every month or week of your knowledge and information about your topic of expertise.

Make sure your newsletter is offered on your homepage as well as your secondary pages. Give away a free e-book if they sign up. It will pay off in the end to have a large targeted list of customers that you continue to market to on a regular basis.

Marketing your on Line Business….The Survey Says...

They are many types of surveys that you can generate that will help you gather significant information about your prospects, this way you know what they like and what their needs are.

Questions your survey can ask; what is your biggest problem? What would you like more of? What would you like less of? Gather as much information as you can so you know what to market and how. This way you know what to deliver because they told you what they need.

This is a valuable tool that you will want to put to use. It takes all the guess work out of what your prospects want to see from you.

Marketing your on line Business with Free Take-A ways

Offering something of value for free to collect a targeted prospects e-mail will be one of the best things you ever did. If you give away some wonderful information you put together in a e-book and include it as a down load when they sign up for your newsletter, you have only taken the time to write the e-book after that your work is done and you have gathered many valuable contacts you may not have had otherwise.

If E-books aren’t your thing then give away a free MP3. You can have an informational MP3 that may offer tips ideas or teach something along the lines of the theme of your web site.

If you offer a service you can give a free day or an extra day or so for signing up for your newsletter. You can offer a 20% discount for signing up. This way you get a new client and their e-mail address.

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