Whatever The Mind Can…… Conceive It Can Achieve. (W. Clement Stone 1902-2002)

Today I am thinking about how I have learned to dream big, as big as I can imagine. I have learned that from The Secret, and those teachings that I have studied using The Universal Laws. Thinking and dreaming big have brought me so much and I WANT THE SAME FOR YOU!

I was dumbfounded when I read the above quote for the first time. The thought was so simple, BUT SO HARD. I want a million dollars, a fancy car, a vacation, a better life for my kids…..the list goes on.

But never did it occur to me TO BELIEVE THAT I COULD HAVE ALL OF MY DREAMS. (That my dreams weren’t just that, SILLY DREAMS.) When you ask for specific things from the UNIVERSE and send out the positive belief that they can and ARE all yours, along with positive actions and GRATITUDE, The Universe will bring you what you ask for.

Let’s be clear. I did not say that if you want this and you want that and it’s yours. I said you BELIEVE that you have these specific items and are thankful and grateful for them. Then you THINK about how much you appreciate having these very specific things. You must believe, truly believe and think that all you want is yours.

In The Secret, the book speaks about games you can play to help you to believe and achieve your dreams. Filling out a blank check to yourself and hanging it where you look at it all the time. Changing the ending balance in your bank statement to be the number you want. Thinking of your monthly bills as monthly checks, and adding a zero to the amount owed, so when you are writing out the checks they seems smaller. But all of these games are the same. They are teaching you to trick your negative mind. These games are actually teaching you to see and believe your dreams.

I would like to challenge you to do this with me from today on, and email me to let me know what wonderful things you receive. REMEMBER TO BE SPECIFIC in what you ask for…



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