William Wrigley was 29 years old with $32 in his pocket when he found his … and went on to become a billionaire and a household brand name.

Vic Johnson had no prior experience and no contacts or connections of any kind when he found his … and has since made as much as $203,381 in one day on the Web and a 7-figure income.

Napoleon Hill was given his by Andrew Carnegie ... and he transformed the lives of millions with his research and best-selling "Think & Grow Rich" book.

Your “niche” is your “spiritual calling,” the place where your deepest gladness and the world’s deepest hunger meet. Here are some additional definitions of "niche."

“Niche” is a French word that means “an alcove” or “small nook recessed in the wall.” It is often used for holding a statue, or it can be a place to take a nap or sleep. It is a “space carved out where previously there was none."

Business has taken “niche” to mean a “position or activity that particularly suits your talents and personality or that somebody. You make it your own.” Once you've made it your own, your niche suits you, like a perfectly tailored suit.

In marketing, a niche market is a “market within a market” specializing in one type of product or service.” Amazon.com, Nike, McDonald's are examples. According to Forbes' Global Business and Finance magazine, “Thanks to the Internet, small niche companies can reach mass markets in a heartbeat.”

In ecology, a niche is the "role" of an organism within its natural environment that determines its relations with other organism and "ensures its survival." For example, ground hogs in the prairie have been called a “keystone species” because their niche ensures the survival of millions of other life forms.

Some key words or key phrases for “niche” are “carved out”, “suits you”, your "role" in the survival of our species. It is also your place, a position that suits you, your one-of-a-kindness, your never-to-be-repeated essence, there is no one quite like you, it's your deep gladness, your forte (French for "strength"), genius, unique talents … your expertise.


1) BE HAPPY. In the short and long-term, finding your niche is what will bring you your greatest joy! How important is it to you to be happy?

2) BE CONFIDENT & COURAGEOUS. The more you "feel" your uniqueness, the more confident you become. Confidence breeds more confidence, more risk-taking. How important are confidence and courage to you?

3) LEAVE A LEGACY. Your essence is never-to-be-repeated. You are one-of-a-kind. What do you bring to the party? What legacy do you want to leave?

4) BE A PIONEER. We teach best by example. When you find your niche, others are more willing to follow. When others see you happy, confident and courageous, they will follow suit. Who are your role models? Who do you want to be a role model to?

5) BE FINANCIALLY FREE. Research shows that when you focus on confidence and courage, money is either a non-issue or comes to you. What would it feel like to have money be a non-issue?

Best wishes in finding your niche!

Author's Bio: 

Phil Johncock
Award-Winning Author & Educator