I talk to so many people. And, obviously there's a vast difference between the ones I meet in social events—through the regular family and church situations, standing in line at the movies or at the grocery store, that kind of stuff—and the people who attend events where they know that I'm going to be speaking, presenting, or doing a workshop.

There is some similarity, but there are some differences. The big difference is that most people in the unenlightened world are waiting for their ship to come in—whereas most of the people attending these seminars and events that I'm speaking at are, on the surface at least, at some level, working to do something to create a better life.

That reminds of a quote from Jonathan Winters—"If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to it." The majority of people in the world are waiting for their ship to come in…and, of course, they haven't prepared themselves to be able to swim. They can't see any value in swimming anyway, when they think the ship should come in.

Go buy another lottery ticket, go eat fattening, unhealthy food. Go get drugs instead of an exercise program. Are you with me? You know these people as well as I do.

Those who have decided that they're going to take the bull by the horns, so to speak (and I know I'm mixing metaphors), they prepare themselves to swim. They're swimming out to their ship. Because the truth of the matter is, life becomes what you create it to be. Consciousness first, results second.

In this quantum world we live in, scientists affirm that we each, individually, create our own events, our own society. Be proactive, my friend. If your ship doesn't come in…well, you know, a ship can only come in where there's a port. There may not be a port close to the coast that you're on.

What do they do then? They park, station the ship out there as close as they can get it, and then they come in on rowboats. So get yourself a rowboat… Get yourself a swimsuit. The motto of achievers is, "Whatever it takes!"

Is it any wonder why they are the achievers? And it just so happens that fortune favors the bold. The rewards go to the victor.

The choice is yours!

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