This old but poignant cliché applies in every situation when something is going off track-that is-going off track from what we currently know it to be.

The news media and politicians create a ‘sky is falling,’ atmosphere when they focus on the bad news. Yes, it is tough to be laid off or seeing your friends or family get laid off, or if you own a business to see your products or service in a slump. However, there IS money to be made. You need to think, ‘outside the box,’ and see the situation in a different light.

What you focus on is what you attract. Yes, the Law of Attraction applies in every situation-albeit the analysts are predicting doom and gloom, you can move outside the current paradigm.

If you talked to Warren Buffett, he would tell you to analyze what can be done-versus what cannot be done. Buffett did not become the richest person in the world by worrying about a downturn in the economy or doing what everybody else does. He developed and worked a plan to continue to grow his wealth. When everybody else is selling their stock, Buffett is buying.

Yes, he gets ‘sweetheart’ deals and all that, and you are not Warren Buffett. However, my point is that, in tough times, you have choices, even though they may be few. You can give up or think, ‘outside the box.’ Instead, of seeing the glass as half empty you can see it as half full. Instead of thinking and focusing on doom and gloom you can develop creative strategies to stay ahead of the ‘so-called’ down turn.

The economy rises and falls in response to what people are willing to put into it. Likewise, we have inside ourselves an inner economy that rises or falls in response to our beliefs about what is possible or impossible-positive, negative or neutral.

The degree to which you are willing to challenge your belief system determines the success of your inner economy. Have you ever wondered why some families are particularly talented in music or art? Imagine if your family of origin had a belief that musical talent was something they lacked. As a member of that group, you would likely create that same belief about yourself. As a result even if you had the desire to pursue musical endeavors, you might hesitate to get behind yourself, fearing that your investment would be for naught. Even if you had the courage to follow your passion, your inner belief that you inherently lack musical talent would probably be a major obstacle in your investing your energy into your musical dreams.

If you release your negative beliefs, a great flow of energy will rise within you, greatly increasing the likelihood of your success. The energy we are willing to invest in the various ideas, dreams and visions we carry within is like highly successful people are, or are not, willing to invest in the various commodities available for trade. In either case, beliefs have a key role in determining how willing we are to get behind anything. One way to open up the possibility for greater success in your inner economies is to understand that belief is not the reliable guide you might think. There are other more reliable indicators of success that you can put your faith in, such as passion, gut sense-a.k.a intuition. Some of the most successful people, think-Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Robert T. Kiyosaki, Donald Trump (real estate mogal), Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and the list goes on-are the ones who go against the grain, trusting their intuition over the popular opinion about what will work.

When the Going Gets Tough - The Tough Get Going-What are you planning to do to ensure your continued economic security? What is your strategy to move ahead of the economic times we currently face? The sooner you have a plan the sooner you will be moving ahead of the ’so-called’ economic down turn. I can hear all the Yes, Buts being said. Change those 'Yes, Buts to-'Yes, I can create continued economic success.’

While the bad news is the media’s main focus behind the media frenzy jobs are being created. Companies are hiring. You might be surprised to hear that over 50 new companies signed up on Internet job listings to recruit people in the past two weeks! There are over 55,000 jobs live on one job listing site. The following name-brand companies have posted over 1,300 jobs this past week alone: AT&T, Accenture, Verizon, IKON, Oracle, Sears.

Yes, you might need to move or change industries or even job title-remember-'think outside the box.’

Author's Bio: 

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Author, “101 Great Ways To Improve Your Life.” Dr. Dorothy has the gift of connecting people with a broad range of profound principles that resonate in the deepest part of their being. She brings awareness to concepts not typically obvious to one’s daily thoughts and feelings.