When the Law of Attraction Doesn’t Attract!
by Jane F. Cundy, D.D.

Most everyone today is talking about the Law of Attraction. Perhaps you became acquainted with this law when Oprah featured Rev. James Beckwith, international speaker and facilitator, on her program. Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup series of books, was also a contributor who was quoted and interviewed both for the DVD The Secret and on Oprah’s show during the last week of January. These famous people are electric in their presentations, their beliefs and their testimonials of how The Law of Attraction has worked in their lives. They shared story upon story of how this law has enlivened, improved and even blessed millions of people’s lives simply by learning and applying The Law of Attraction. The truth is that the law does work wonders and it is as easy as “they” say it is… or is it? Enter the great oxymoron.
I was speaking with a colleague of mine this morning and we both agree that The Law of Attraction is sort of like holding the wind in your hands; we know that it is there, yet there is no way to really grasp or possess it. Sometimes there is only a faint breeze; other times it can sweep you away. You must trust the wind to take you where you are going and know that it will get you there safely.
The power of this mystical law, like harnessing the wind, is that when it works it is phenomenal; and when it appears to not be working, it can be as elusive as a butterfly in springtime.
Sometimes, no matter what we do, how we feel, what we visualize or even dream…we feel like “it’s” just not working. “I feel that I’ve done everything I am supposed to do, and it is still not coming true….why?” is a question that I am often asked.
It is because we are so accustomed to our pain that it never occurs to us that the wound has already been healed. Sometimes we are so comfortable in our routines that we forget there might be another, perhaps even more supportive means of accomplishing the same thing. Habits can be difficult to break, even non-supportive ones. When we are willing to step onto a new pathway, create a new behavior, or simply awaken the power within, is when we have created an opening for The Law of Attraction to begin its magic. We must uncover the joy that Our Creator is holding for us while waiting for us to discover Its bounty.
The Law of Attraction simply asks you to clear the debris and make way for the new. The Law ALWAYS works…it is a law! Old patterns are like swamp gases, they are everywhere infusing our lives so completely that we begin to think they are our friends. We carry these patterns from childhood and they have become so ingrained in us that eventually we can think of no other way to behave. The Law of Attraction, on the other hand, is the true current that we ride. It is one of our Divine Gifts waiting to be awakened within.
If this looks like what’s going on for you, then it is time to claim what is yours by Divine Right. The Law of Attraction does not discriminate, but we can certainly get in our own way and hold abundance, wealth, love, joy and prosperity out of our lives. There are simple things that you can do now to propel yourself into your own greatness and prosperity.
In my newest workshop, The Law of Attraction…What to do When the Law Isn’t Working; participants are offered many ways to release the old and embrace the new. The first is to journal. Write down what patterns you notice that may constitute the velcro in your life. Make a short list by keeping a list of what works for you and what you would choose to retain. The rest must be the velcro and it has to go. This includes old responses to certain emotions, particular ways of thinking, doing or being, etc.
Equally important and effective is to keep a gratitude journal or diary. Each day write down the things that you are grateful for, no matter how insignificant or ordinary they may seem to you. These are just a couple of immediate things that you can do for yourself to invite the Law of Attraction into your life and to get it working for you now. It doesn’t take time for the Universe to answer your request; it just takes consistency and dedication on your part. The Universe is not going to work harder that you do to provide the richness you are choosing in your life. It will, however, be your constant co-worker and provide all that you ask for… and it will be provided you in Divine Right Timing. You will be amazed at how perfectly your desires can be answered…and even more amazed when, in precisely the right time, the answers come.
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Author's Bio: 

Dr. Jane is a Doctor of Divinity, Master of Neuro-Linguistics, (NLP). These skills combine to create an atmosphere of safety, openness, individual importance, and listening for honest communication and warmth. Currently Dr. Jane assists individuals both in person and via telephone conversations with issues of the heart and in manifesting what they choose. She is a spiritual intuitive and NLP Counselor and has authored and published her first book titled “Lessons of The Rose, Six Steps to Personal Empowerment.” She has worked with clients from England, Scotland and Canada and has served the greater New Mexico community for over fourteen years.