We know from the experiences of our lives that what we need comes to us at the most critical times and what we need appears, why is that?

Usually what we need comes because we have finally reached that place where we are completely focused and completely relaxed at the same time. Often the worse has happened and we are still alive. This is the place where we have run out of options and let go of the trying, and our right brain, theta level experience takes over to create the world we need and want.

My good friend Ron had a long history of heart illness. For 3-4 years he got sicker and sicker and finally ended up spending multiple weekends in the ER. No one could identify what was wrong, yet there was clearly dysfunction. His lungs had filled up, he could only walk a short distance without running out of breath, he could not climb stairs, he was very ill. Because of his health, his business suffered and there were financial reversals. Then one day, he discovered The One Command and it changed his life.

Nine days after Commanding for vibrant health, he ended up in the ER one last time, and it just so happened that the doctor on call was a heart specialist, and then it just so happened that he was also an expert in heart viruses and bacteria, and on diagnostics. Ron had been treated numerous times for viruses, but what he actually had was a bacteria. Only this particular doctor had the expertise to see past what he expected to see and identify the actual problem. There is only one medicine that will treat the unusual bacteria, Ron has taken it and is now enjoying vibrant health.

His life changed in nine days! He is now much healthier and he has decided to start his own health business. He has learned so much more about health and healing since his own ordeal that he now wants to help others. His interests have broadened, he has a new perspective on life, and he absolutely loves The One Command.

The level of consciousness on our planet has changed dramatically in recent years. Great scientists and writers like Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden and Candace Pert have taken us into a place beyond our past knowledge base. Asara Lovejoy has taken us beyond the realm of affirmations into that place in Theta where our thoughts become crystal clear and our creative abilities fulfill our lives.

So be certain, if you are ready, the teacher is absolutely here.

Dr. Katie

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Dr. Garnett is affiliated with Asara Lovejoy, author of the bestselling book, The One Command, on Amazon. Asara is a highly successful businesswoman, presentor, and leader. She is founder of the Commanding Wealth series of workshops and Commanding Wealth Learning Center.