There is a reason why Chichen Itza again tops the list of 7 wonders of the world. One very good time to have a reading is at the change of the season, like vernal equinox and summer solstice.

Another good time to have a reading is when you're in a transition - divorce, marriage, a new baby, a new job, a move to a new location.

Of course it's a good time to have a reading at your birthday. You can find out what lies ahead in the beginning of your own personal New Year, and don't forget to check this out regarding loved ones as well. Bosses and other important people too!

Which brings up the point that it's great to have a reading when you don't know what's going on with someone. If you can't figure out that Capricorn boss, or where your Scorpio lover has crawled off to, LOL.

Readings are good when you can't get the answer. If you're in the battle of the experts and everyone's telling you different advice, why not go to the Source?

It's a good time for a reading when you're bored, and things are stagnant. You can find out why, when it will lift, if there is anything you should or can do about it, and how to cope in the meantime.

Mercury Retrograde is a very popular time for readings. (When my calendar overflows, that's when I know it's Mercury Retrograde). That's when, for all of us, communications are screwed up. Faxes don't go through, people hang up on you, disastrous emails get sent, people don't show up at all, or go to the wrong place at the wrong time, traffic is snarled, batteries die and appliances don't work. These last for several weeks and occur several times a year. It's good to be prepared for them, and good to get readings during that time so you can maneuver through the landmines better.

You'll really want to get a reading at your Saturn Return (and important people in your life). This occurs for each of us around the age of 28-30, and then it comes around again at 58-60, where we -- if we know what's going on -- get the Big Second Chance. Very important to know about this so you can maximize this fantastic opportunity in your life.

Of course eclipses and full moons are a popular time for readings. Don't forget to get a reading right After A FULL MOON. That's when it all shakes down.

Another great time to get a reading? Yesterday. Then you'd know what's going on today. :-)

And last but not least, a particularly good time to get a reading is when the thought occurs to you. There's a reason why. It's not an 'accident.' So pick up the phone, or email, and get a reading.

You're future looks bright ahead!

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