The DVD titled "The Secret" teaches the law of attraction to the masses in a simpler and glossier way. It uses marketing tools, quotes taken out of context and sound bytes that open it to misunderstood interpretation and criticism. Sometimes lost in the hype is the true understanding of where God is in the law of attraction or if God is there at all. I believe that God or the Universe (both the same) created us out of an immense joy in the act of creation and gave us "free will" to then, with joy, watch us create for ourselves. Along this journey, he has given us teachers and angels to help and protect us along the way. You cannot have the law of attraction without God because God created the law of attraction! It is through immense faith and belief, fueled with the power of our minds and emotions, that the law works in our lives. It is the knowing that we are unconditionally loved by an unconditionally loving and merciful God that knows us through and through and sees our light. All of us know of the best parents, either our own or those parents of others, that have stood by their children unconditionally. This is God - to perfection. It is written in the New Testament "Whatsover ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive". Simply put - ask and it is given. What makes us think that God, our creator, our perfect parent, would not love us in such a way that to give us unlimited abundance, and to feel immense joy, not only at our receiving these gifts, but the joy of us giving abundantly to each other.

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Lisa M. Hopp is owner of the spiritual and holistic practice, Serenity Harbor, located in Woodbury, New Jersey. She is quickly becoming known as a Psychic and Medium, as well as Spiritual Life Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, and Reiki Healer. She also offers workshops specializing in spiritual development and life enhancement.